If You Care: Mariah Carey Issues Statement On New Years Eve Disaster

Mariah Carey’s New Years Eve disaster still has people talking. Was it really that shocking bad?

The “Emotions” former singer just released an audio statement further explaining why that New Years Eve performance (which most have forgotten about) failed the way it did.

Those who have been following the story (and who have much more patience than I do) know that Mariah’s management has come to her defense multiple times in the midst of this bizarre situation.

Still, Mariah feels the need to address it one last time and bring unnecessary negative attention to herself. Eager to know what all she had to say? Press play on the link below.

Now, not meaning to be shady, but seriously why is this such a big deal? Why are we pretending like Mariah Carey hasn’t bombed a performance before? Why are we pretending like this is the first time she’s either been caught lip-syncing or downright fell apart on stage?

“What do you mean, Dimitrius? Where are your receipts of this happening before?”

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

I think we’re done here, folks.

Your Thoughts?


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