Denton Ballot Mixup Due to “Human Error”

Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary

Put the torches and pitchforks down everybody! A Denton, TX ballot mixup turned out to be a case of two Clarissa’s.

One is an attorney from Argyle, the other is a home organizer living in Lewisville.

Clarissa Chandler Rivera went to cast her vote Sunday only to find that another Clarissa Chandler Rivera had already voted in her place. Furious, her husband Victor wasted no time in alerting everyone involved with the ballot mixup.

“My wife presented her Texas driver’s license and her voter registration card. Both her DL and voter card have our current address, which is in Argyle, Texas,” said Rivera. “The staff member handling the check-in informed my wife that the system showed that Clair had already voted on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 at the Lewisville Municipal Annex.”

According to Lisa Hendrickson, Denton Party Republican Chairwoman, only one of the two Clarissa’s was registered to vote in Denton county.

“There is only one Clarissa Rivera registered in Denton County to vote,” said Hendrickson. “It turned out, the Clarissa Rivera who did vote is registered in Dallas County.”

Kerry Martin, Denton County’s election’s deputy, confirmed that an election worker did not properly follow the voter verification procedures, resulting in the ballot mixup.

“That did not happen in this case. Unfortunately, the worker did not take all of the information and did not check the date of birth,” said Martin. “This is human error.”

The “real” Clarissa Rivera was able to cast a provisional ballot, though her husband was still upset regarding the mixup.

“My wife and I are very upset with this entire process, and what has occurred clearly shows that the election process is flawed and can be easily manipulated, either intentionally or by human error. If we do not change the way things are done, voter fraud can occur time and time again,” said Victor Rivera.

The guy’s got a point, though. Who’s to say when it’s your turn to vote, somebody’s already mistakenly voted in your place in support of the opposite party you had in mind? Always be vigilant in the booth, sugars. Especially in this, one of the most important elections of the century. <Source>

What do you think really happened?

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