Ew! Woman Finds Peeping Tom In Target Dressing Room

Target Peeping Tom 2016 Dimitrius Jones

Just when you thought we were done talking about bathroom perverts, a woman in a Target dressing room found herself nearly face-to-face with a suspected peeping tom.

Thursday afternoon at a Target store in the Medallion Center in Dallas, the woman-who wishes not to be identified at this time-was trying on clothes in a dressing room when she noticed what appeared to be a cell phone recording her as she dressed.

“You don’t think something like that is going to happen,” explained the woman. “Right now I just don’t feel comfortable going back.” 

She was apparently shopping for her younger son and wanted to try on something for herself when she noticed the cell phone in her changing booth.

“And when I looked down, there was someone holding a camera phone in my dressing room,” she said she opened the door. “And he popped right up and he apologized and just said, ‘oh, sorry’, and turned around and left.”

According to Target security, they were able to identify the man using surveillance footage. Sunday afternoon, Target’s corporate office released a statement, saying:

“At Target, our guests are at the center of everything we do and our commitment to creating a safe and secure shopping environment in our stores is unwavering. As a part of this commitment to safety, we have robust procedures, policies, and trainings in place to ensure that our stores are safe places to shop and work.”

“I wish I would have grabbed his cell phone as it was under the door,” the woman explained. “There were so many things that ran through my mind, only afterwards, of what I could have and should have done.” 

Police are currently working to find the man and have obtained pictures of him from the Target security employees.


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