Madonna Preparing New Tour for 2018


Age is just a number according to Madonna. The “Jump” entertainer is allegedly preparing to leap back onto the stage at 59. Yes, that’s right, sugars. 59-years-old!

Whether you’re indifferent to her music or not, Madonna has established herself as a remarkably intimidating tour force over the years. Each time she launches a new tour, it goes on to give long-standing acts such as The Rolling Stones a run for their money. Literally.

With a clear demand for more Madonna stage-antics, it makes since she would want to hit the stage again. So will she?

While visiting Kelly & Ryan to promote her MDNA Skincare product, the “Music” performer dropped a few hints as to whether we can expect a new tour.

Listen. If she’s willing and able to continue entertaining, then I’m here for it. In a world where 60+ year old men can hobble around on stage for 2 hours and STILL sell out stadiums, let Madge continue slaying in her own way. Hopefully, we can expect a new album from this as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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