Mark Cuban: “Dallas Mavericks Will Not Be Staying At Trump Hotels”


Mark Cuban is having none of this Trump foolishness.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks team declared his team will not be staying at any hotel owned by our favorite talking souffle, Donald Trump.

Though the team has stayed in some of Trump’s hotels in the past, Cuban is making it clear with his values. When asked about whether or not he planned on staying at any hotel by Trump, Cuban stated:

“No. We did stay previously and quite a few teams did reach out and asked what we were doing and they said that they were staying at the Trump hotels and we chose not to anymore longer and actually it wasn’t my suggestion, it was multiple other people’s suggestion inside the organization.”

In addition to having absolutely zero love for the GOP Republican nominee, Cuban stated he has already voted for Hillary Clinton. <Source>

Do you agree with Mark Cuban? Will you avoid Trump hotels henceforth?

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One thought on “Mark Cuban: “Dallas Mavericks Will Not Be Staying At Trump Hotels”

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes I do!!! They all should avoid his hotels and any of his businesses!! He is a racist, bigot pig!! And our guys are better then that!!! #NotMyPresident!! I love Mark Cuban!!!

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