Petition Launched to Block Homophobic Kim Burrell From Ellen Show

When will they learn? Homophobic Kim Burrell (that’s her unofficial title now #NoApologies) recently came out and made some very alarming statements about the LGBT community.

Basically, she called us perverts and said we were going to die this year. So for the average LGBT person, the usual fare, right?

As to be expected, that very community is striking back with a petition to cancel her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Want to see what she said for yourselves? Tuck in below, my dears.

LGBT activist Anthony Antoine launched a petition on It makes the following statement:

“Please DO NOT allow gospel singer Kim Burrell to perform on your show January 5th promoting the Hidden Figures movie after her rant from the pulpit December 30th (since removed yet captured by shocked fans and reposted) essentially condemning gays to death in 2017. This type of rhetoric is dangerous – especially to young LGBT people who love and support your show and who have been inspired by the movie Hidden Figures that carries a message of affirming ones ability and merit, not diminishing it based on gender (or race, or sexuality and more).

The full petition can be found here, and it is highly encouraged that you sign it.

Homophobic Kim Burrell responded to the outcry with the following video:

She claims she wasn’t speaking to the LGBT community (even though she name dropped homosexuality but whatever) and that it was the “enemy working against her” that made it seem like she was.

Girl bye!

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