Photographic Memory Gay Romance Review

Aiden Bates’ Photographic Memory offers plenty of promise. Imagine running into your old middle school crush on a blind date? What are the odds, right? But do those odds hold up to Bates’ overall story? Let’s find out.

From the Amazon Blurb:

A man focused on success. An artist determined to make a difference. A fateful choice between love and money.

I’m on the verge of burning out, but I can’t quit. I refuse to be poor, refuse to return to Texas a failure. My career is everything—at least that’s what I thought, before I was set up on a blind date with Jordan, the boy from my past I left behind.

Jordan is everything I remembered—a brilliant artist dedicated to making a difference in the world. He calls to my soul, reawakens the part of me I crushed in order to get ahead. How can I be with someone whose political activism threatens my very livelihood? How can I not, when he reminds me of the person I used to be?

A person who would make the choice to betray his employer and hand over sensitive financial documents in order to bring down a tyrant bent on destruction. . .

A person who is carrying a life-altering new secret.

I’m falling in love with someone who works for the most evil bank in the country—the boy I loved when we were kids. But he isn’t the same person. I know Alex—he isn’t a man without a conscience, a man devoted to nothing but success. The more time we spend together, the more I can see the familiar light coming back into his eyes. A light banishing the imposter who would choose murky success over ethics, sabotaging our relationship.

He’ll have to make a final choice—us, or his dreams of wealth. Have I gone too far, bringing Alex into my world of battling corporate greed? I don’t want our relationship to cost him his career, his reputation. . .

But maybe it should, if it means halting his walk down a dark path.

A path we now have no choice but to walk together. I’m expecting Alex’s baby. . .

. . .and Alex is expecting mine.

Alex and Jordan’s romance shouldn’t work on paper. Fortunately, the most incredible of romances start out that way. Bates’ writing rarely disappoints as we navigate the complete different and opposing worlds of both leads.

However, I could have used a flashback or two. A scene from back when they were awkward, most-likely-oppressed gay teens would have been nice. I mean, by all means, rip on Texas a little.

The romance was a little hard to buy into at times. Yes, it’s possible to be in love with someone who has nothing in common with you. It’s happened to me more than once. However, at times, it seemed like all these two had in common anymore was being from *Grim Thunderclap* Texas.

Overall, this was a very interesting read. Though I struggled with some parts, I was not disappointed. I look forward to more of Bates’ work.

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