Eminem Teases New Music Video With Beyonce


Newly homosexual Eminem is in “pre-hype mode” for his upcoming album Revival. The song hasn’t gained much traction on the Billboard charts, but there’s still hope. What the rapper needs is a key visual to really kick-start this new era of his. So how is he planning on catching our interest this time around?

Enter Beyonce, the visual artist.

According to the short video released by the Eminem, it looks like he’s going to be serving us THEATER, hunny! Check out a teaser clip from newly-released duet “Walk On Water” below.

It looks quite interesting, but only time will tell at this point. Beyonce’s other duet with Ed Sheeran, “Perfect,” managed to knock it out of the park. Maybe there’s still hope.

Or maybe I could just, you know, enjoy the song. There’s also that…

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Lady Gaga to Tribute Beyonce at Coachella

I mean, who else right? Lady Gaga is reportedly gearing up to pay tribute to the Queen herself, Beyonce.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recall that Beyonce was supposed to perform at Coachella this year. That is, until she shocked the world by announcing she was pregnant with twins. Naturally, the “Die With You” singer would have no business pulling her usual stunts on stage. So, enter Lady Gaga.

According to HollywoodLife, the BeyHive may still “get their life” to some of Bey’s classic hits.

Their source said:

“Along with singing ‘Telephone,’ Gaga is trying to figure out what classic Beyonce songs she could do for a medley during her show. It is going to be an impressive show all around as Gaga wants to make it different from her regular tour set. She wants to make the surprises memorable and worth it.”

Lady Gaga’s friendship with Beyonce started back in 2009 with the release of their joint singles “Video Phone” and “Telephone” respectively. Since then, Gaga has seldom been shy about letting the world know about her admiration of the two-time SuperBowl performing artist.

Are you excited to see what she has in store? What do you think?

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