Mary J. Blige “Strength of a Woman” Review


Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman postured itself as a post-divorce battle cry. For an album this anticipated, the stakes were as high as Kendu Isaac’s delusions. Unfortunately, the end result left much to be desired, though this wasn’t the case at first glance. Strength of a Woman starts out with promise, but its potential all but evaporates by the end of its first half.

Post-Breakthrough Mary has often been hit or miss when it comes to her albums as a whole. Sure, she still gives us a gem or two, something remarkable given the painful, emotional journey she’s chonicled over the last 12 albums she’s released. Like her most recent projects, Strength of a Woman often tries to recapture the magic of personal masterpieces like My Life and The Breakthrough, but the end result seems to run away from her before we get the fully-realized, heart-wrenching gut punch Auntie Mary has been known for.

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Janet Jackson’s Creative Director: “She Would Never Accept a Payout”

This is starting to get messy already.

Heavily-debated Queen of Pop Janet Jackson is currently facing a firestorm over the legitimacy of her…you know…personal business regarding her marriage.

After reports surfaced that she and Wissam Al Mana had divorced, it wasn’t long until the public immediately honed in on finances. Labeled the “billion dollar divorce,” the commentary on Janet’s failed marriage has gotten pretty nasty.

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YES GAWD! WATCH: Mary J. Blige New Video “Thick Of It”


Mary J. Blige is back with a new video, and it’s pure fire, sugars!

Released just hours ago, the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul has just graced us with a visual to her new song, “Thick of It.” The track is positioned as the lead single of her “Strength of a Woman” album, which is set to be released in December.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Never fear! Check it out below.

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