She Tried It! WATCH: Khia “Santa Baby”


Let’s just say most of what I saw in this video came from Ross. Ready for some hood caroling? Yesterday we were treated to a new music video by rapper Khia, “Santa Baby.”

Yes, that’s right, Khia. Santa Baby. Y’all ready to get down with Khia this Christmas?

So anywho, I love how most of the furniture and decorations in this video also came straight out of somebody’s homegirl’s apartment. I’m not mad though. Khia better get that Ross sponsorship! It had a nice little bounce beat to it too for all its “ratchetry.”

But I’m a little concerned with these lyrics I’m hearing. She claims she’s been waiting 12 months to see Santa so he can do all these dirty things to her.Β Sounds like her “Santa” is locked up somewhere if you ask me.

So what did y’all think? Did you need that good laugh? I know I did!

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