Vogue Blasted for Declaring “No More Cleavage”


“Is the cleavage over?”

Four little words, and yet they’re set to cause much trouble for Vogue UK, who recently declared that cleavage is out of style.

Curious as to what certain celebrities had to say about it? Wait no longer. Read some of their tweets below.

Maxim’s Deputy Digital Editor Patrick Carone chimed in as well stating, “Like the pyramids, Stonehenge, or Anthony Weiner’s unlimited texting plan, cleavage isn’t going anywhere. Wise up, Vogue!”

Managing Editor of Paper Magazine Abby Schreiber argued women have a right to show what they want to show. And let’s not forget Paper Magazine’s famous (or infamous) cover with Kim Kardashian completely nude.

“I think it’s up to the individual woman what she wants to wear or not wear,” Schreiber told us. “And although, yes, there have been recent trends that emphasize more modest dressing, if a woman wants to show skin, that’s up to her and she shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed of her choices or be… stereotyped in any way because of them.”

Modeling agency Maggie, Inc. President Robert Casey responded to the backlash, claiming that it wasn’t Vogue’s intention to body shame anyone.

“A trend away from cleavage is right in line with the body acceptance movement, there is an entire industry that banks on women feeling inferior about their cleavage and peddling products to push/pull/fill/prod/boost their breasts to appear to have a perfectly ample bosom.”

Do you agree with Robert Casey? Are we overreacting a tad bit? Maybe. Perhaps. We’ll see. Probably not though. <Source>

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