When Will BET Cancel Chris Brown?


Before we get to Chris Brown, let’s make something clear. The BET Awards were nothing short of a Mortal Kombat tournament this weekend. The Ginyu Force Rap group Migos nearly Kamehameha’d Joe Budden after the latter made a dramatic exit in the middle of an unnecessarily shady interview.

Of course, the action didn’t dare stop there. A member of Chris Brown’s party later punched one of Migos’ members, Quavo, leading to your typical Tuesday morning high school brawl. Luckily no one was severely injured during the scuffle, but it still begged the question. Why was Chris Brown invited in the first place?

This is the same man who was just slapped with a 5-year restraining order by his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. This is the same man who threatened violence against her over JEWELRY he had GIFTED HER. Meaning, the jewelry was no longer his. And anyone who’s followed the troubled rent-a-thug knows this is far from surprising behavior. Since the infamous 2009 incident involving Rihanna, Chris Brown has repeatedly found himself either directly or indirectly involved in violent situations. What’s more, he has proven for nearly a decade that he isn’t going to change said behavior any time soon.

So then why is he able to perform at the BET Awards time and time again? Most importantly, why was he allowed to even be at the same event as Karreuche given their hostile relationship? What message is BET trying to send to its young female viewers? You now have two documented instances of Chris Brown either threatening violence or actually becoming violent towards women, and he’s still allowed to perform on and host after parties on your network?

When is enough going to be enough? What is Chris Brown going to have to do to someone before its’ decided that his presence is detrimental to the efforts of domestic abuse survivors? Hopefully, there will not come a day when he does do something awful enough. Still, BET, your network is accountable. What will it take for you to cancel Chris Brown?

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