14 People & the Worst Thing a Friend Ever Did to Them

We’ve all had some fairly crappy friends growing up. You may even have some crappy friends now.

Have you ever had a friend so crappy they screwed your fiance in your bed? Threatened your life? Stolen from you? Probably. Hopefully not. Below are some crazy stories of people telling us the worst thing a friend ever did to them.

Hope He Had On His Petty Boots That Day

It seems like a small thing but I drove my friend to school every day. Never once asked for gas money. One day I told him my car was going to be in the shop for 2 weeks and we’d have to take the bus. He said okay. I found out that he was driving himself to school for those 2 weeks instead of going 3 minutes out of his way to pick me up.

So I get my car back and he calls me. “Hey man, are you driving to school again?” “Yes.” There he was waiting on the corner for me. Drove right passed him, and it basically killed the friendship.

Pretty Sure They Made a Movie About This Too

I had a “friend” that did many things to me. The woman was a veterinarian and also had a master’s in English. Some standouts:

  • She announced that she was writing a novel and emailed me the outline. It followed my life story (as taken from my personal blog) to the tee.
  • In the same vein, she took blog posts I wrote and, after some minor changes, declared them “short stories” that she planned to enter in writing contests.
  • She tried to get me to write her a new story to enter in a writing contest. She wanted me to base it upon my early childhood years.
  • At the time I knew her, I was training for a marathon that held great personal significance to me. I became badly injured at work which meant I couldn’t train anymore. I was extremely upset about this. She decided that the very next day was the ideal time to begin running. She ran every day for a couple weeks and texted me about the run each time afterwards, saying things like “That felt great!” and “Sucks you can’t do this anymore for a while!”
  • She joked about having my pets killed and/or eaten alive by wild animals. Coming from a veterinarian, I found this horrifying.
  • She stalked me online, and, to a lesser degree, in person after I refused to continue talking to her.

Sorry, Cole. It Must Not Have Been That Impressive

About 3 1/2 years ago, my wife (then girlfriend) and I got into a big fight (over something completely ridiculous), and broke up for about a day.

During that ~18 hour breakup, a friend that I had known for about 12 years, sent her a lengthy FaceBook message declaring his attraction for her, how she needs a “real man,” and sent her a picture of his dick with a message that read something like “This is just from typing you this message, Chelsea. I’ve dreamed about us ever since Trevor introduced me to you.”

We got back together the next day. I confronted my friend about it, and he played it off like it was an accident. “Man, I was drunk! You know I say dumb shit when I’m drunk! That wasn’t even my dick, it was just a joke! Haha!”

Burn in hell, Cole.

Okay, But You Didn’t Have to Read Him THAT Bad Lol

I moved across the country and had a going away party. One of my best friends sent two different texts of excuses/lies to my and my girlfriend, apparently not taking into account that we would talk about why he didn’t show up and quickly realize he was full of shit. He went dark for the last 4 days we were in town, then blocked me on social media. He unblocked me a few weeks later when I proposed to my girlfriend- I guess he saw something on Facebook about it- then proceeded to tell me what a horrible mistake it was to A) move and B) marry her.

So fuck him. He can stay where he is, 32 years old with no career and friends, drinking and smoking weed in his government-funded apartment, leeching off the system because of some bullshit concussion he got 11 years ago in a drunken scrap. He’s on reddit and I hope he reads this.

Three’s a Crowd, But Still…

Two of them. They started dating and essentially cut me out of their life for awhile while also keeping their relationship secret. Everything is fine now but that’s not how your best friends should behave towards you. How hard is it to say “Yes, we’re dating.” instead of making it awkward when I find them both in the pizza shop after ignoring my calls/texts for the past few weeks…

Edit: it honestly bothers me still to think about it. The way they both looked at me like deer in headlights. Most awkward moment of my life.

This Is Just Unforgivable

Clogged my toilet. Shit has never been the same.

Send Me Their Address.

Called me a fuck-up for dislocating my knee the same week I was receiving radiation therapy for cancer.

I Mean…Is It Ever That Serious?

My best friend asked me to chose between him and a girl I was dating. When I told him I wouldn’t choose (and explained that there was room in my life for both) he threatened to commit suicide.

This wasn’t a case of me not spending enough time with him or something like that. I had just started dating this girl. My friend was pseudo dating one of her friends. He messed it up and decided that if he couldn’t have a girlfriend neither of us should.

Ladies & Gentlemen, a Sentient Pile of Garbage

Slept with my brother, in my bed, at my sister’s wedding.

Sometimes It’s Your Own Family

Friend was also family, on my mother’s side. We were very close even though we had a considerable gap in age (about 11 years). She slept with my fiance and now they are married and have kids.

You Dodged a Bullet, Hun

Stopped talking and hanging out with me after I came out to him.

He Didn’t Respect Either One of You

My best bud who was like a brother to me decided to have sex with my crush, in my driveway.

Sis, the Cat? Really?

She stole an entire months worth of my adderall prescription I had just filled from my purse. When I casually confronted her about it, she played dumb and suggested her CAT might have gotten into my purse and batted them down the hall. I’m so mad.

This One Takes the Cake

Robbed my house at gunpoint after getting kicked out for stealing.