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What is the Prophecy of Austyria?

All who worship the Goddess of Light know of the Prophecy, but few understand its true meaning.

The Covenant of Aeris Fata is the religion practiced in most of Heran, the continent where Devona kingdom is located. The Prophecy was first mentioned about a century ago, though there is continuous debate on its accuracy.

Below, we will attempt to break down the Prophecy and its true meaning. Ultimately, you may end up drawing your own conclusions, and that’s fine.

What Does It Say?

Pulled from holy scripts, the exact wording of the Prophecy is as follows:

United will the nations be through Darkness

The Sun will twist the earth, the earth will twist the Sun

From a throne in the Heavens an Angel will appear

Awaiting his challenge by the world’s defenses

He will raise his hand and bring about the world’s end

Through salvation, he will clash and forgive

For this is the price we must pay for neglecting our brethren

Luminous 4: 5-12

Who Does It Refer To?

The Prophecy makes clear mention of an Angel and “nations.” It’s not clear which nations it’s referring to, but the Angel is the most prominent figure.

The text states that the Angel will bring about the world’s end, which many interpret as meaning its complete destruction. As for the unifying of nations, relations between Devona and Eorum aren’t cooling off anytime soon. So, what is this Darkness, and how will it bring the nations together?

What Is the Timeline of Events?

There is considerable debate on when the Prophecy will be fulfilled. According to some scholars, the event has already passed with the disappearance of the Elves. Others say it could happen any day now.

What Can We Do to Stop It?

Based on the text, there’s not much that can be done to prevent these events from playing out. However, certain members of the clergy have called the royal family’s attention to to a specific line.

“Awaiting his challenge by the world’s defenses”

What are the world’s defenses, and how will they challenge the Angel? Does the rest of the text indicate they’ll lose? Many look to that line as hope that the Prophecy can be averted in some way, but there’s no clear evidence yet.

Adventure, mysteries, and prophecies await in the world of Austyria. As you continue on your travels, remember to stay well-equipped and well-informed. To win is to have a plan.

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What Exactly is the Gate in Austyria?

The Gate is an elusive doorway which has terrorized the southern part of the Heran continent for many years.

No one knows its origins or its purpose, and few speak about it. Its appearance is seen as a bad omen that is followed by horrific events. Though it’s yet to be studied extensively, a few scholars have gathered some information on it.

Below are some facts regarding the Gate and the mysteries surrounding it.

You Must Never Go Near It

While few want to talk about the Gate, whispers prevail in the capital. Apparently, victims brought in were described as suffering from bizarre injuries.

A woman was missing both of her arms and mouth, but there were no wounds or signs of an attack. The bottom of her face was completely covered in smooth skin as were the knobs where her arms used to be. She looked as if she was born without them.

It Changes Locations

The Gate never seems to stay in the same spot. Villagers in Hollo have reported seeing it shift its location multiple times in one day. No one knows what causes it to warp from place to place, and there are no theories as to what draws it to certain locations. However, it does seem to favor dense, wooded areas over open territory.

It Taints the Area It Appears In

Few venture into the forest where the cursed door was last seen, but those who do report seeing unusual sights. A Soldier stationed in Hollo stated he’s seen a horned figure standing at the treeline watching him for hours. A villager stated she saw a man walk into a tree and seemingly “melt into it.”

Soldiers also report an increasing amount of monster activity in places where the Gate causes disturbances.

Possible Ties to the Prophecy?

Many view the Gate as the harbinger of the ancient Prophecy, which points to the end times. Per the Prophecy, the Angel of Death will appear to bring about the world’s end and salvation. Many interpret this to be the Apocalypse, and the cursed door is believed to be how the Angel will enter this world.

The world of Austyria is full of incredible mysteries and secrets. Scholars are constantly searching for clues as to what’s causing certain disturbances on our planet. Just remember to keep a look out and always plan for the unexpected.

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How to Defeat a Hobgoblin in Austyria

The hobgoblin is a more powerful version of regular goblins. They are stronger, tougher, and are usually encountered as Bosses.

Hobgoblins pose a considerable challenge for new adventurers. The unprepared will be taken down by its sheer strength alone. Strategy will be the deciding factor when it comes to victory.

Below are a few tips on how to defeat a hobgoblin and survive to tell the tale.

Learn Its Weaknesses

The hobgoblin is of the goblin family, which is weak against fire and light magic. If you have a Mage who knows either types of spells, utilize them during battle. Hobgoblins rarely have armor that blocks magic, so this is a perfect opportunity to deal considerable damage.

Spread Out

This monster usually carries around a large sword to attack in sweeping motions. If your party clumps together, you’ll all take damage and risk being wiped out quickly. Have the party leader designate a spot on the field for each team member. This way the hobgoblin will choose to focus on one team member at a time and allow for sneak attacks.

Remove Its Armor

Hobgoblins are proud of their armor and are rarely seen without it. However, they’re not the neatest when it comes to putting it on. Usually, their backside is the best spot to look for a way to undo the snaps holding their armor together.

Bring a Healer

This monster packs a punch, and your team may lose stamina fast against it. Prepare by bringing a Cleric or someone with loads of healing items beforehand to act as the medic of the party. Be sure there’s someone around to protect this person so they aren’t knocked out and unable to heal.

The world of Austyria is full of dangerous creatures that will challenge even the most gifted adventurers. Always remember that battles are won by planning rather than by sheer strength and luck.

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What is the Truth About the Alrelic?

The Alrelic is the centerpiece of an adventurer’s journey. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to get stronger, but what exactly is it?

No one’s entirely sure of the true purpose of Alrelics, even after years of study by scholars. Who put them here, and was that person good or bad? Why do they give us class designations and quests?

We’re still trying to discover the answers to those questions, but below are a few facts and running theories collected over time.

Alrelics Give Us Classes

The divine artifacts can grant class designations, which is one of the most commonly known facts about them. Alrelics are capable of bestowing a primary and secondary class. Be aware that these divine artifacts decide what class designation someone gets, not the other way around. Most only have a limited number of classes available to choose from.

Alrelics Give Us Quests

Pubs and guild halls aren’t the only places to take on quests. The divine artifacts need assistance just like anything else. The type of quest received depends on the location, the individual’s class, and the monsters native to the area.

Are They Good or Evil?

Since so little is known about these objects, it’s hard to decipher if they’re a source of good or evil. It’s unclear who their creator was, and there are no clues as to when they first appeared in Austyria. Some scholars believe they are neither good nor evil but entirely indifferent.

Are They From This World?

Another theory is that the divine objects aren’t from this world at all but another. It would make sense, but that still lends the question as to who placed them here and why? And do they intend on coming back to claim them one day?

Can They Be Destroyed?

A few scholars and researchers have attempted to break an Alrelic, but it’s been reported that nothing can harm them. They also seem to protect the structure around them. When researchers discover ruins, they find that the inner-most structure that houses the divine object is always intact. Meanwhile, the rest of the structure is dilapidated.

The world of Austyria is full of mysteries and wonder. As the years go on, more knowledge of the Alrelics and their true purpose will be revealed. In the meantime, keep up with your adventures and utilize the gifts the divine objects give us.

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How to Tame a Gryphon in Austyria

The gryphon is highly-intelligent beast that makes a great companion for Beastmasters. It’s also extraordinarily difficult to tame.

Gryphons can be found in most mountainous regions. In these locations, they wait to challenge adventurers seeking to claim their power. However, they only yield to those they consider worthy. Taming these beasts requires quite a bit of planning and patience.

Below are a few tips on how to ensure your encounter with a gryphon goes successfully.

You Must Have a Heracles Wreath

I can’t exactly tell you where a Heracles Wreath is, and keep in mind you’re not the only one searching for one. The best place to start is by looking into quests and guild missions. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may earn one as a reward.

The Heracles Wreath is an accessory that hides your aura, which means enemies can’t detect how powerful you are. Gryphons are a big fan of these accessories and won’t join you without one.

You Must Be Under Level 30

Even with a Heracles Wreath, a gryphon can still detect your level. If you’re above level 30, it won’t join you after you challenge it. This is what deters many Beastmasters, as gryphons are powerful beasts with incredible magical abilities.

You Must Face It Alone

A gryphon must be tamed by an individual Beastmaster. It prefers one-on-one battles and tends to avoid fighting parties. Of course, it’s certainly strong enough to hold its own against several warriors at once. It just seems to prefer a fair fight.

You Must Not Attack It

Here’s the tricky part. Once the gryphon accepts your challenge, you must NOT attack it under any circumstance. The beast will test your resilience during battle, as it will not yield to anyone it deems weak. If you’re able to endure and stay alive long enough, the gryphon will cease the battle and become your companion.

There are several incredible beasts spread across the world of Austyria waiting to be encountered. As a Beastmaster, your ability to tame monsters is directly reflected by the types of beasts you keep as companions. It is one of the most difficult and dangerous roles to master.

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How to Level Up Past 30 in Austyria

So, you’ve finally reached level 30, eh? Now, you want to level up, but winning battles isn’t getting you anywhere, right? So what now?

Once an adventurer reaches level 30, they can no longer level up by winning battles or simply taking on quests from kings or random strangers. This is a turning point for many, as your destiny will be determined by how you proceed from here on out.

Thankfully, it’s not that complicated, at least at first. Below is how you can level up beyond level 30.

Complete Alrelic Tasks

This is really the only way to do it. If you accept a quest from anything else, you might get a reward, but you won’t level up past 30. Only Alrelic tasks and quests can boost levels beyond 30, so it’s important to know where the nearest one is at all times.

Each Task is Different

The type of task you get assigned will depend upon factors such as your class designation, your location, and what monsters are in the area. It may be something as simple as herding sheep or as challenging as stealing an item from a dragon’s nest. Either way, you won’t know until you ask.

With More Power Comes More Challenges

Don’t think that people won’t notice you getting stronger. The more powerful you get, the more notoriety you’ll receive as well. Soon, you’ll have kings, Bosses, and regular civilians keeping their eye out to see what you’re up to. Always make sure to watch your back no matter how tough you get!

The world of Austyria is full of challenges no matter what level you’re at. The life of an adventurer is rarely dull, and you can expect to have plenty of stories to tell around campfires as you complete tasks and continue to improve.

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How to Get a Class Designation in Austyria

Before you start off on your big adventure, you’ll need a class designation. Without one, you can’t level up or use weapons and armor to their full potential.

So, how do you obtain one, how do you know what class you’re going to get? What if you want to be a Monk, Knight, or Sorcerer? Do you even get to choose? Below are some tips on how to obtain a class designation.

Find an Alrelic

If you didn’t know, Alrelics are mysterious objects which grant people class designations and bestow tasks and quests upon adventurers. They can be found in most holy places such as chapels, cathedrals, and some ancient ruins. No one knows where these objects came from or what their true purpose is. They just know they give people incredible powers and abilities.

Not Every Alrelic Will Grant You a Class

No Alrelic is the same, and each one has a different set of classes it can bestow. Most only have three available at any given time, so it’s best to ask around to see which ones your chosen Alrelic has before you approach it. You won’t be able to change your primary class once you’ve been granted one.

You Don’t Get to Choose Your Class

Contrary to popular belief among beginners, you don’t get to select your desired class. The Alrelics, in all their mysterious wonder, choose for themselves who will become Knights, Clerics, and so forth. Some speculate it as a way to maintain balance, but none know for sure.

Learning Abilities Differs Between Classes

Few classes level up the same way. A Mage, for example, learns magic by reading spell books and ancient tomes, while a Sorcerer learns magic simply by leveling up and completing certain quests. Meanwhile, a Knight learns new sword techniques by visiting a school or training under a master.

In the world of Austyria, opportunities for growth are limitless. As you set out on your new adventure, remember to learn everything you can about your new role. Seek out Alrelics, ask veterans for advice, and never underestimate your opponent. With enough hard work, you’ll one day have your own legend passed down through generations.

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How to Upgrade Weapons & Armor in Austyria

You aren’t the only one who can level up. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor, too!

Every adventurer needs the strongest equipment they can obtain in order to survive. It’s important to know how to utilize your equipment to its full potential. So, how do you get stronger weapons and armor? Below are a few ways you can upgrade your gear.

Win Battles

Winning battles is the most obvious way to upgrade weapons. Defeating a slew of goblins, for example, can gain you the skill “Goblin Slayer.” You can also gain elemental attributes for your weapon by constantly killing certain enemies. Just keep in mind new abilities and attributes can’t be removed.

Take Damage

This is the most obvious way to upgrade armor. Constantly getting knocked around by tough monsters? Your armor will probably gain higher defense in response to this. Constantly taking damage from certain enemies can also give you protection against certain elements and ailments. This can be particularly dangerous, so I don’t recommend it.

Complete Quests

If you complete tasks set by certain beings or Alrelics, you may get a weapon or armor upgrade as a reward. Since Alrelic quests often come with large amounts of experience, they’re a great way to gain a complete overhaul of new skills and abilities.

Ask an Alchemist

Those with the class of Alchemist are masters at infusing items together to create phenomenal results. If you’re wanting to bestow a particular ability on your equipment, an Alchemist is the best person to ask. You’ll need certain items, so be sure to have them ready beforehand.

The world of Austyria is full of puzzles, from labyrinths to battles requiring complex tactical knowledge. Your first quest may seem daunting, but never fear! I’ll continue to provide tips for beginners and veterans alike.

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How to be a Goblin Slayer in Austyria

So, you want to be a goblin slayer? You’re in luck! Austyria is in great need!

Chances are you’re a rookie adventurer or obsessed with killing goblins. If you’re the latter, I strongly recommend you to seek out your local priest. You may have some severe psychological issues to sort out.

Goblins are common enemies for first-time adventurers. However, even though they’re not as strong as other monsters, they shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want to be an expert goblin slayer, there’s a few tips below to get you started.

Watch Out for Their Venom

Goblins’ teeth are dripping with venom, meaning one bite can be potentially fatal. Make sure you have plenty of antidotes or items that protect against poison before you engage in battle. I’ve recently posted a guide for upgrading your armor for protection against ailments. Remember that once your armor gains an ability it can’t be removed.

Exploit Their Weaknesses

Goblins are weak against two major elements: fire and light. Being cave-dwelling monsters, this makes sense. Goblins are also notoriously used as foot soldiers for dark lords, hence their weakness to light magic. Have a paladin in your party? Let them have a field day!

Outsmart Them

When it comes to monster intelligence, goblins are mildly clever. However, they can still be outsmarted. They have a tendency to gang up on party members one at a time, which leaves ample opportunity to set a trap in battle. They’re also cowardly and easily-frightened, meaning you can avoid an encounter with them altogether if you can scare them off.

There’s definitely room for more than one goblin slayer in Austyria. Stay on alert when traveling through forests and caves, and always carry a few vials of anti-venom just in case.

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How to Level Up in Austyria

Ready to level up and become stronger? Level one won’t get you very far in this world, I’m afraid. Luckily, I know how you can become more powerful.

If you’re here, it must mean you’ve just received your first class designation. You’re probably wondering what to do next. Thankfully, leveling up isn’t hard to do if you know what you’re doing. In today’s lesson, I’ll give you a few tips on how to get level up quickly and efficiently.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Hopefully you’ve saved up enough juals to get the best weapons and armor you can find. You’ll be needing it. Also, don’t forget to stock up on as many healing items as possible. This includes potions and any items that banish ailments such as poison, stone, and even time-warps. Yes, there are spells like that.

Find the Right Location

There are usually a few veterans in any given village or town who know the best spots for beginners to level up. We all had to start somewhere, after all! Ask around and make sure the location you find is relatively safe.

Go With a Party

You may want to go down in legends as a lone warrior, and that’s fine. It’s also foolish. There are monsters that can take out even experienced battlers who dare to travel alone. Your best bet is to form a team and fight together. You’ll be able to kill more monsters more quickly, which will help you level up faster.

Grind Smart, Not Hard

Don’t just rush into each battle hacking away at everything. Learn your enemies’ weaknesses and exploit them to end the battle quickly. The quicker you can end a battle, the more experience you’ll gain. To level up quickly, speed is your greatest ally.

Complete Alrelic Quests

At certain times, an Alrelic will bestow a quest on an individual to complete. These quests yield a lot of experience, which can help you level up extremely quickly. Once you reach level 30, Alrelic quests become the only way to level up. Many miss this important piece of information and grow stagnant with their abilities.

The world of Austyria is one of many dangers and opportunities. Level up so you can become stronger and better prepared. Seek adventure at your own risk!