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ToKyotchi Chapter 7

“You Know Who I Am” Che willed his limbs to move. He didn’t know whether to run from or charge at Yokan, but it didn’t matter. His body refused to respond. The memory of yesterday afternoon flashed in his mind. He’d left the interview, looked down at his phone at the rejection email, and a […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 6

Chetachi vs. Reagan A chill ran down Che’s spine. What was he thinking? This guy was made of metal, and he just watched the dude send someone flying with one punch. Yes, he had an advantage over him, but what was he supposed to do? He hated fighting. He’d always despised it. Nikki scoffed. “How? […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 5

Enter Reagan & Vista Che could feel their eyes on him as he continued walking, but he didn’t care. He hated bullies in real life let alone some video game, and he was done playing this one. He would find his own way out of this world, with or without any help from its inhabitants. […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 4

Small Towns With Skyscrapers Che had noticed the gentle breeze earlier, but that was before he became aware of his current predicament. Now, every blade of grass, every sound, big or small, and every sun beam that washed over his skin carried a new meaning. For a simulation, this was incredible! Even his interaction with […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 3

“So What?” The stadium vibrated with shouts and uproar, the crowd jeering at Che and demanding the match continue. He looked up at them, trying to make out as many faces as he could. They all looked like normal people, yet there were so many of them here. Every seat in the stadium was full. […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 2

“Why Do We Fight?” Che gasped, waiting for one of them to start laughing and tell him it was all a joke. Unfortunately, their expressions, while varied, remained constant. “What are you all talking about?” Che held up his palms, instantly refusing their proposition. “I can’t fight any of you! I’ve never even been in […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 1

The Newcomer What was the point of fighting when you were weak? A low humming caused Che to stir, suddenly aware he had no idea where he was or how long he’d been asleep. He could hear voices in the distance, faint whispers. It was probably his next-door neighbors gossiping outside like usual. It would […]