How to be a Goblin Slayer in Austyria

So, you want to be a goblin slayer? You’re in luck! Austyria is in great need!

Chances are you’re a rookie adventurer or obsessed with killing goblins. If you’re the latter, I strongly recommend you to seek out your local priest. You may have some severe psychological issues to sort out.

Goblins are common enemies for first-time adventurers. However, even though they’re not as strong as other monsters, they shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want to be an expert goblin slayer, there’s a few tips below to get you started.

Watch Out for Their Venom

Goblins’ teeth are dripping with venom, meaning one bite can be potentially fatal. Make sure you have plenty of antidotes or items that protect against poison before you engage in battle. I’ve recently posted a guide for upgrading your armor for protection against ailments. Remember that once your armor gains an ability it can’t be removed.

Exploit Their Weaknesses

Goblins are weak against two major elements: fire and light. Being cave-dwelling monsters, this makes sense. Goblins are also notoriously used as foot soldiers for dark lords, hence their weakness to light magic. Have a paladin in your party? Let them have a field day!

Outsmart Them

When it comes to monster intelligence, goblins are mildly clever. However, they can still be outsmarted. They have a tendency to gang up on party members one at a time, which leaves ample opportunity to set a trap in battle. They’re also cowardly and easily-frightened, meaning you can avoid an encounter with them altogether if you can scare them off.

There’s definitely room for more than one goblin slayer in Austyria. Stay on alert when traveling through forests and caves, and always carry a few vials of anti-venom just in case.