How to Defeat a Hobgoblin in Austyria

The hobgoblin is a more powerful version of regular goblins. They are stronger, tougher, and are usually encountered as Bosses.

Hobgoblins pose a considerable challenge for new adventurers. The unprepared will be taken down by its sheer strength alone. Strategy will be the deciding factor when it comes to victory.

Below are a few tips on how to defeat a hobgoblin and survive to tell the tale.

Learn Its Weaknesses

The hobgoblin is of the goblin family, which is weak against fire and light magic. If you have a Mage who knows either types of spells, utilize them during battle. Hobgoblins rarely have armor that blocks magic, so this is a perfect opportunity to deal considerable damage.

Spread Out

This monster usually carries around a large sword to attack in sweeping motions. If your party clumps together, you’ll all take damage and risk being wiped out quickly. Have the party leader designate a spot on the field for each team member. This way the hobgoblin will choose to focus on one team member at a time and allow for sneak attacks.

Remove Its Armor

Hobgoblins are proud of their armor and are rarely seen without it. However, they’re not the neatest when it comes to putting it on. Usually, their backside is the best spot to look for a way to undo the snaps holding their armor together.

Bring a Healer

This monster packs a punch, and your team may lose stamina fast against it. Prepare by bringing a Cleric or someone with loads of healing items beforehand to act as the medic of the party. Be sure there’s someone around to protect this person so they aren’t knocked out and unable to heal.

The world of Austyria is full of dangerous creatures that will challenge even the most gifted adventurers. Always remember that battles are won by planning rather than by sheer strength and luck.