How to Get a Class Designation in Austyria

Before you start off on your big adventure, you’ll need a class designation. Without one, you can’t level up or use weapons and armor to their full potential.

So, how do you obtain one, how do you know what class you’re going to get? What if you want to be a Monk, Knight, or Sorcerer? Do you even get to choose? Below are some tips on how to obtain a class designation.

Find an Alrelic

If you didn’t know, Alrelics are mysterious objects which grant people class designations and bestow tasks and quests upon adventurers. They can be found in most holy places such as chapels, cathedrals, and some ancient ruins. No one knows where these objects came from or what their true purpose is. They just know they give people incredible powers and abilities.

Not Every Alrelic Will Grant You a Class

No Alrelic is the same, and each one has a different set of classes it can bestow. Most only have three available at any given time, so it’s best to ask around to see which ones your chosen Alrelic has before you approach it. You won’t be able to change your primary class once you’ve been granted one.

You Don’t Get to Choose Your Class

Contrary to popular belief among beginners, you don’t get to select your desired class. The Alrelics, in all their mysterious wonder, choose for themselves who will become Knights, Clerics, and so forth. Some speculate it as a way to maintain balance, but none know for sure.

Learning Abilities Differs Between Classes

Few classes level up the same way. A Mage, for example, learns magic by reading spell books and ancient tomes, while a Sorcerer learns magic simply by leveling up and completing certain quests. Meanwhile, a Knight learns new sword techniques by visiting a school or training under a master.

In the world of Austyria, opportunities for growth are limitless. As you set out on your new adventure, remember to learn everything you can about your new role. Seek out Alrelics, ask veterans for advice, and never underestimate your opponent. With enough hard work, you’ll one day have your own legend passed down through generations.