How to Level Up Past 30 in Austyria

So, you’ve finally reached level 30, eh? Now, you want to level up, but winning battles isn’t getting you anywhere, right? So what now?

Once an adventurer reaches level 30, they can no longer level up by winning battles or simply taking on quests from kings or random strangers. This is a turning point for many, as your destiny will be determined by how you proceed from here on out.

Thankfully, it’s not that complicated, at least at first. Below is how you can level up beyond level 30.

Complete Alrelic Tasks

This is really the only way to do it. If you accept a quest from anything else, you might get a reward, but you won’t level up past 30. Only Alrelic tasks and quests can boost levels beyond 30, so it’s important to know where the nearest one is at all times.

Each Task is Different

The type of task you get assigned will depend upon factors such as your class designation, your location, and what monsters are in the area. It may be something as simple as herding sheep or as challenging as stealing an item from a dragon’s nest. Either way, you won’t know until you ask.

With More Power Comes More Challenges

Don’t think that people won’t notice you getting stronger. The more powerful you get, the more notoriety you’ll receive as well. Soon, you’ll have kings, Bosses, and regular civilians keeping their eye out to see what you’re up to. Always make sure to watch your back no matter how tough you get!

The world of Austyria is full of challenges no matter what level you’re at. The life of an adventurer is rarely dull, and you can expect to have plenty of stories to tell around campfires as you complete tasks and continue to improve.