How to Tame a Gryphon in Austyria

The gryphon is highly-intelligent beast that makes a great companion for Beastmasters. It’s also extraordinarily difficult to tame.

Gryphons can be found in most mountainous regions. In these locations, they wait to challenge adventurers seeking to claim their power. However, they only yield to those they consider worthy. Taming these beasts requires quite a bit of planning and patience.

Below are a few tips on how to ensure your encounter with a gryphon goes successfully.

You Must Have a Heracles Wreath

I can’t exactly tell you where a Heracles Wreath is, and keep in mind you’re not the only one searching for one. The best place to start is by looking into quests and guild missions. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may earn one as a reward.

The Heracles Wreath is an accessory that hides your aura, which means enemies can’t detect how powerful you are. Gryphons are a big fan of these accessories and won’t join you without one.

You Must Be Under Level 30

Even with a Heracles Wreath, a gryphon can still detect your level. If you’re above level 30, it won’t join you after you challenge it. This is what deters many Beastmasters, as gryphons are powerful beasts with incredible magical abilities.

You Must Face It Alone

A gryphon must be tamed by an individual Beastmaster. It prefers one-on-one battles and tends to avoid fighting parties. Of course, it’s certainly strong enough to hold its own against several warriors at once. It just seems to prefer a fair fight.

You Must Not Attack It

Here’s the tricky part. Once the gryphon accepts your challenge, you must NOT attack it under any circumstance. The beast will test your resilience during battle, as it will not yield to anyone it deems weak. If you’re able to endure and stay alive long enough, the gryphon will cease the battle and become your companion.

There are several incredible beasts spread across the world of Austyria waiting to be encountered. As a Beastmaster, your ability to tame monsters is directly reflected by the types of beasts you keep as companions. It is one of the most difficult and dangerous roles to master.