How to Upgrade Weapons & Armor in Austyria

You aren’t the only one who can level up. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor, too!

Every adventurer needs the strongest equipment they can obtain in order to survive. It’s important to know how to utilize your equipment to its full potential. So, how do you get stronger weapons and armor? Below are a few ways you can upgrade your gear.

Win Battles

Winning battles is the most obvious way to upgrade weapons. Defeating a slew of goblins, for example, can gain you the skill “Goblin Slayer.” You can also gain elemental attributes for your weapon by constantly killing certain enemies. Just keep in mind new abilities and attributes can’t be removed.

Take Damage

This is the most obvious way to upgrade armor. Constantly getting knocked around by tough monsters? Your armor will probably gain higher defense in response to this. Constantly taking damage from certain enemies can also give you protection against certain elements and ailments. This can be particularly dangerous, so I don’t recommend it.

Complete Quests

If you complete tasks set by certain beings or Alrelics, you may get a weapon or armor upgrade as a reward. Since Alrelic quests often come with large amounts of experience, they’re a great way to gain a complete overhaul of new skills and abilities.

Ask an Alchemist

Those with the class of Alchemist are masters at infusing items together to create phenomenal results. If you’re wanting to bestow a particular ability on your equipment, an Alchemist is the best person to ask. You’ll need certain items, so be sure to have them ready beforehand.

The world of Austyria is full of puzzles, from labyrinths to battles requiring complex tactical knowledge. Your first quest may seem daunting, but never fear! I’ll continue to provide tips for beginners and veterans alike.