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How Zelda: Skyward Sword Motion Controls Work On Switch

Now that Skyward Sword HD is a certified best-seller on Amazon, players have a question. How will motion controls work this time around?

Will they be as clunky and unforgiving as they were in 2011? Will I find myself getting bashed to death by a Deku Baba because my joy-con won’t calibrate properly?

Okay, that’s more than just “a question.” And like me, I’m sure you have several questions of your own. So, let’s see what Nintendo has up their sleeve to alleviate our motion control concerns.

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You Have Options!

Nintendo announced motion controls for the game will be optimized for the Switch. This will certainly come as a relief to those who played the game on the Wii. Many found the controls to be inconsistent, with the Wii Remote losing connectivity and having to constantly be re-calibrated. That’s one less headache!

Nintendo also recognized that motion control exclusivity can be a major pain. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know Skyward Sword won’t just utilize motion controls.

You Can Use Buttons Instead!

That’s right! Skyward Sword HD includes button controls in addition to motion controls. I would assume you get the option to choose your preference at the start of your adventure like most entries.

It’s also good news for Switch Lite players who don’t have joy cons and want to experience the adventure.

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Did You Order Your Joy-Cons?

Speaking of joy-cons, Nintendo plans to release special joy-cons alongside the game, scheduled for release on July 16th.

As previously stated, motion controls are optimized for the Switch. The right joy-con controls the sword, while the left allows for Link to use his shield.

Does that answer most of your questions? What other concerns do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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