Megan Thee Stallion “Good News” Review

Megan Thee Stallion’s album Good News has arrived, and problematic men need not apply.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for everyone’s favorite Houstonian, but we won’t cover all of that in this post. One, there’s too much to go over. Two, you’re probably already up to speed anyway.

Instead, I want to offer an objective point of view with regards to my album review, one that isn’t clouded by the shenanigans proceeding it. Curious to know my thoughts? I’d hope so since you’re already here. Keep scrolling for more.

I’m Always Here for Dragging Arrogant, Trash Men

Let’s start on the high points. Our girl wastes no time galloping up and down the backs of trash rappers and the clout chasers who support them on the opening track, “Shots Fired.” For so long, I’ve wanted more female artists to call out the male-identified fuckery that dominates hip hop.

It was refreshing to hear her directly address the drama between herself and Tory Lanez, even though everyone’s still talking in circles about wHaT rEaLlY hApPeNeD at this point.

And from here on, the stans are going to drag me for all eternity.

The Filler Disappoints…And Honestly Makes No Sense

I’m going to be honest. Most of the tracks with featured artists sound like outdated filler tracks from early 2000s rap albums. They offer nothing of substance to the record except having the names attached to them.

In fact, the only track that truly sticks out is perhaps “Freaky Girls” with SZA, but it’s hard to go wrong with an SZA feature. Perhaps, after a few listens, they’ll begin to click, but as it stands I’m not impressed.

The Artists & Tracks Seem to Collide With Each Other

Meg has a very distinct flow that, unlike other artists, doesn’t mesh well with certain types of instrumentals. Part of being a rapper is recognizing when your flow isn’t marrying the beat. It’s what separates the pros from the amateurs.

We know Meg can slay it down on a beat when she has the proper setup. There was no reason for the delivery to come across as rushed and thrown together as it did on the majority of the album.

Ultimately a Disappointment

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from Hot Girl Meg, but I wasn’t expecting the bar to be set so low either. For an artist with so much potential, Good News should have been a much stronger effort than what we ended up with.

Hopefully, the sophomore outing will feature more cohesion, less noise, and more compatibility between the artist and the music. Notably, her fans and most of social media seem to like it, so my opinion won’t matter much anyway. Perhaps, that is the “good news.”