No Dates? Here’s Why No One Seems to Want You

No dates this week, huh?

It can be lonely being single, but why is it so hard to find a date? You’re not that bad looking, you have a great personality, and you’re really nice! So what’s the problem? Well, maybe it’s because no one wants to date someone who doesn’t want them back. Or something. If this sounds like you, then read on for some tips on how to change your dating life around.

It Really IS Them, Not You

Remember, it’s not really about you. They want to date someone who makes them feel good, and not the other way around. If your self-worth is based on whether or not people like you, then no wonder why it’s so hard for you to find love! You must first learn how to love yourself before learning how to share that love with others.

You need to be as attractive on the inside as you are on the outside. Your character needs to shine through in everything that you do, from your appearance and hygiene all the way down to how well-mannered you are when speaking with someone else. Make people want what they can’t have by being an awesome person!

Sometimes, We Intimidate Others

You can’t change your physical appearance much, but you could try being more approachable. Be open to talking with people and smile! You don’t have to go up to everyone in a crowded room or at the supermarket (unless that’s something that makes you comfortable), but if someone seems like friendly company then give them a chance!

If you have already made changes to your life, then share how it’s working for you. People are always more likely to listen if they can see that it works!

It’s Tough Until It Gets Better

Being single sucks, right? Having no dates this weekend AGAIN sucks! It’s not just the fact that you can’t go out on a Friday night and enjoy yourself without getting weird looks from people who think you should be in bed alone scrolling through Netflix (although it does suck to miss out on all of those pizza deals).

And don’t get me started about how much time is wasted when your friends are talking about their relationships or family drama – do they even care if you’re there at this point? But why am I complaining so much? Well because being single sucks! did I mention it sucks? What can we do to make it easier for each other to find dates?! Share below what’s stopping YOU from dating someone awesome. Like myself. Wink 😉