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Get ready to “play” with your very own Squid Game villain costume! The Korean Netflix series continues to shock and entertain audiences. As a result, its fan base gets bigger every day. It’s no wonder people want to resemble characters from the unsettling hit show, known for its twisted spins on childhood games.

The obsession with the series shows no signs of stopping, and why should it? With your own Squid Game villain costume, you’ll be ready just in time for Halloween. So, which game will you play? And will it be worth it?

  • Color: Black (Mask), Red (Guard Jumpsuit)
  • Size: S-3XL
  • Material: Plastic (Mask), Polyester (Jumpsuit)
  • Character: Squid Game Guard

Package List:

1 x Squid Game Villain Jumpsuit


High-Quality: The Squid Game villain costume features exquisite craftsmanship, durable polyester, and striking designs for the face coverings. The masks are sturdy but not bulky while still managing to be well-made, and fans will enjoy wearing them as a cosplay outfit or a Halloween costume.

Unique: Inspired by the Squid Game Netflix series, the costume perfectly restores the image of the characters from the show. Fans will look very similar to the masked guards who terrorize and strike fear into the hearts of the contestants who brave the dangerous games.

Multi-Use: Most will use the outfit as a Squid Game Halloween costume, but it can be used for plenty of other costume combinations. Fans can wear it to masquerade balls or events that require a creative looking wardrobe. They’re also Instagram-ready, so take out your phone and start posting for us!

Perfect Gift: Fans of the Netflix series will adore receiving their own costume, whether it’s part of a Halloween outfit or just a keepsake. All that would be missing is the gigantic animatronic doll for Red Light, Green Light. Unfortunately, we won’t be selling giant animatronic dolls any time soon.


Due to differences in screen resolution, please allow for slight differences in color when receiving your costume.

Don your mask and start your game! Who will make it to the end?

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