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Stop Waiting for People to Understand

Sometimes people just aren’t going to get it. So stop waiting.

There’s going to be a part of your mental health journey where you’re a complete mess. That’s okay. It happens, and people don’t have to understand.

And it’s not always your job to explain yourself. Let’s go over a few reasons why.

You Need to Accept Your Mess

Not a “hot mess.” God, do we still say that? Well, stop. It’s not 2013 anymore. Anyway, stop resisting the fact that you’re in a rough spot. Don’t punish yourself for not having it 100% together at this precise moment.

If your house is a disaster, for instance, accept it. If your friends or loved ones are complaining about it, let them know you need more time to figure things out. Yes, you don’t want to wallow in filth forever. Don’t do that. However, don’t kill yourself trying to keep up appearances.

You Have Nothing to Prove

You set the standards. No one can pass judgment on your progress. And you want to know something? You’re not going to please everyone anyway.

You ultimately know your limits and what’s best for you. Your potential and capabilities are not a secret to yourself. You have so much to offer. Don’t overlook it. That means, at the end of the day, you know if you’re giving each day your best shot. That’s all that matters.

Your Worth Should Never Be Tied Into Other People

We want people to love and care for us. That means that we sometimes want their approval. However, we shouldn’t sacrifice our happiness just to appease them. That’s not self-love. It’s co-dependency.

I talk about being a recovering co-dependent in my book, Life After Low Self-Esteem. Give it a read and recommend it to anyone you know who struggles with low self-worth. People don’t have to understand our struggle. Just keep pushing forward.

And stop waiting.

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