“The Promised Neverland” Fans Call for Cancellation

The fans have spoken. The Promised Neverland needs to be cancelled.

Season 1 of the anime received stellar reviews, leading to much hype and speculation about follow-up episodes. Fans of the manga already know the trials and tribulations the orphans of Grace Field will have to face. So, most were looking forward to a direct adaptation of those events.

However, controversy erupted once Season 2 began airing. Fans immediately noticed a beloved and critically lauded story arc had been entirely skipped over. The “Goldy Pond” arc, which sees the characters trapped in a demon hunting ground, had been completely removed from the show.

Emma is not pleased…

Thus, fans began calling for The Promised Neverland’s swift and decisive demise.

Anime adaptations often differ from the manga source material. It’s unavoidable. Still, it’s a little bizarre to skip arguably the best parts of the source material.

Alas, there have been no official announcements about the show being cancelled. Do you agree with fans? If so, sound off in the comments!