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Super Smash Tournament of Power Chapter Four

***Please Note this is a Fan Fic. I do not own the copyright to any of the licensed characters or properties. This is simply for fun. Opening video is animated by Shiya Moegin***

Meta Knight

I knew the moment I awakened that this would be no ordinary battle. I’ve fought alongside Kirby and King DeDeDe countless times against incredibly powerful enemies. Without having faced him yet, I know that strange being is stronger than any foe I’ve faced, stronger than the Master Hand, Tabuu, Galeem, all of them.

Yet I must risk fighting it if my dimension is to survive.

The others have departed now, gone to take their positions on the arena below. Only Dark Pit remains, his back turned to me as he stares at the warriors gathering on the battlefield.

“You’re not planning on helping them, are you?” Dark Pit turns to face me, a stern expression on his face. “I should go inform Ganondorf right now that you plan to double cross him during the tournament.”

Reflexively, I take a step back, nearly brandishing my sword before stopping myself. No, now isn’t the time to fight. I may get disqualified if I attack him now. Besides, he didn’t seem as if he was interested in helping Ganondorf at first. I may be able to persuade him to my side.

“You are not like the others,” I say. “You won’t knock Pit out of the arena.”

“Let’s get one thing straight, Bat-Gum,” Dark Pit says. “I’m the original Pit. He’s an imposter, and I will knock him out of the ring.”

I shake my head. He can’t seriously be planning that after finding out the rules of the tournament. “You’d be down a fighter. Every universe needs all the help it can get. Some dimensions have nearly ten fighters each. Several more only have one. You’d really put yourself at a disadvantage?”

Dark Pit folds his arms and sneers. “I don’t need a team. I work alone.”

I walk past him, staring down at the arena. Nearly every fighter is now taking their positions. Most are staying close to others from the same dimension. As I feared, those who are the only representatives of their world are at an extreme disadvantage.

I turn to face Dark Pit again. “Your pride will be your downfall.”  

Dark Pit’s arms remain folded, and his sneer remains. “The only one of us who needs to worry about a downfall is you. You don’t think I know what you’re planning?”

“I’m planning for our survival,” I say. “For the survival of all our dimensions.”

Dark Pit chuckles and points a finger at me.  

“You’re gonna try to stop the tournament,” he says. “You’re gonna try to fight that thing that brought us here. And you’re even more stupid than I thought you were.”

I maintain a neutral expression, but his deduction is incredible! How did he figure out what I’m planning already?

“It was smart of you to send Sonic to relay the message to the heroes,” Dark Pit says, “but it’s useless. You saw what happened just now. It’s all about survival, and that weird shadow kid is stronger than anything we’ve ever faced before.”

I nod. He’s exactly right, but I have to try. I have to find a way to save all of our dimensions and give all of us a fair chance at survival, not just those of us lucky to have several representatives.

“We’ve faced strong enemies before,” I say.

“Yeah, but we haven’t faced an enemy who can erase entire dimensions in the blink of an eye.”

Dark Pit glowers at me, but I have nothing to say as a rebuttal. Even beings like Tabuu and Galeem were able to defeat us all at once with little effort, though we were able to defeat them in the end. Just like them, this shadow child has a weak point. I simply have to find out what that is.

“You’re better off picking a dimension to take everyone to,” Dark Pit says. “Personally, I wouldn’t mind living in Hyrule, but it doesn’t seem like it’s someone like Mario’s style. Or Kirby.”

The thought has occurred to me, to join a dimension with a larger roster of battlers and flee with them, but part of me knows it’s all too simple.

“Do you really think that shadow child will allow something like that?” I ask. “The entire purpose of this tournament is for us to turn against each other in the end. What do you think will happen if we refuse to do so without defeating it first?”

Dark Pit shrugs, folding his arms behind his head. “In the end, I’m gonna complete my mission and find a way to survive all of this. You’d better do the same.”

He unfurls his wings and leaps from the ledge, gliding down to the arena below. I stare down at him as he lands, watching as he takes a confident pose in front of the others. He didn’t say he planned on winning, just that he plans on surviving. Maybe he knows this isn’t a battle any of us can win.

Still, I will not allow anyone’s dimension to be destroyed.

7 minutes until the tournament begins.

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Super Smash Tournament of Power Chapter Three

***Please Note this is a Fan Fic. I do not own the copyright to any of the licensed characters or properties. This is simply for fun. Opening video is animated by Shiya Moegin***

Dark Pit

If nothing else, Ganondorf knows how to persuade people. It seems like he can build an army of mindless minions to support his cause in an instant. It’s impressive, but I could never be someone’s servant like my other half. He’s content with being kept on a leash by Palutena. It’s pathetic.

“Where are you going, Pittoo?” he asked when I decided to head out on my own.

“What? You think I’m going to join up with the two of you?” I said, “and stop calling me that. There’s only one copy here. It’s you, the corny one.”

“Oh, come on!” Dumb Pit threw his hands in the air. “Our universe is in danger, and you still wanna play the edgy, mysterious rival role right now?”

“He is pretty edgy,” said Palutena. “You could use some of this edge, Pit.”

“I’ve got plenty of edge where it counts,” said Dumb Pit.

“You two can argue about that stupid phrase all you want,” I said. “I’m going to find a way to win this tournament without any help from either of you.”

“He can’t be serious!” said Dumb Pit.

“Looks like it,” said Palutena. “I don’t know what you were expecting. You know he isn’t fond of you.”

I’ll never be fond of a puppet, especially him. The gods and goddesses think they can use us to fight their battles and win their wars. I won’t be their tool.

I make my way further into the gathering so I that I can better make out what Ganondorf is saying. I end up standing next to a large, obese alligator thing with a golden stomach and bulging eyes. He’s got this silly crown on his head. I wonder what dimension he’s from.

“As you can see, many dimensions and worlds will crumble today,” Ganondorf says, “but I have a plan that could save a select few of us.”

He looks around, surveying all who’ve gathered before him.

“My proposal is simple,” he says. “I will declare you a part of my dimension during the tournament. This way, you won’t face the danger of getting erased even if the other fighters from your world lose. I only ask for one small favor.”

He pauses, and I think he’s waiting to see if anyone disagrees with him. Nobody speaks up, so he continues.  

“When I give the order, you must knock every hero off of the stage,” he says. “Once you’ve done that, I will announce that you have agreed to accompany me back to my world. You’ll then be transported to my dimension once we’ve finished off the rest of the vermin.”

“And how can we trust you?”

The strange, purple dragon that came with evil Samus speaks. I didn’t know that thing could talk! Honestly, I didn’t know Bowser could talk either when I first saw him. I think he prefers to growl and roar most of the time. He probably thinks it makes him seem more menacing. It works for some, I guess.

“I am a man of my word,” Ganondorf says. “In my dimension, there is a beautiful land called Hyrule that is protected by three golden goddesses. With your help, we will conquer that land, and I will allow you to take whatever else you want.”

There are murmurs amongst everyone. So, his world has goddesses too? I stretch out my wings before folding them against my back. This is disappointing. Another world full of beings who manipulate others into fighting for them? This “Hyrule” doesn’t sound very appealing after all.

I don’t think it would be smart to object now, though.

Bowser’s son floats over next to him. He’s still riding around in that toy he uses to fight. I don’t think the kid could manage on his own if he got knocked out of it, but then I guess not all weapons have to be swords and guns. He is a toddler, after all.

“Just think about it, dad,” Bowser Jr. says. “A world without Mario and his annoying little helpers? Do you really want to go back to our dimension and have to deal with them again?”

“You have a point, son,” Bowsers says. He turns to Ganondorf and smashes his claws together. “Ganondorf, count us in.”

“Do you think Peach will come with us?” Bowser Jr. asks.

“I’ll work on that,” Bowser says. “Once I knock Mario and the others out of the ring, she’ll have no choice if she wants to live.”

“Oh boy!” Bowser Jr. spins around as his dad lets out his trademark laugh. It’s a mixture of a roar and a lion heaving up a moldy zebra. I’m not sure why he thinks it sounds cool.

Besides, what is with Bowser’s obsession with Peach? He needs some kind of binding spell that prevents him from getting anywhere near her. That would solve Mario’s problems.

I shake my head. I’m not here to solve anyone else’s problems but my own.

“I can-a help you take dem out,” Wario steps towards the duo. “Peach is-a off-limits, yes, but Daisy?”

This guy is one I’ll need to keep my eye on. He’s like some twisted version of Mario. I don’t think he works for Bowser, but they definitely have it out for that annoyingly cheerful plumber. Bowser finally stops his bloated T-Rex laugh and turns to face Wario.

“I don’t care about her,” he says. “If you want to save her, you can.”

“I don’t,” Wario says. His usual frown creeps up into a grin, revealing his giant, bulbous teeth. “She’ll be-a de first I knock outta de ring.”

Well, that’s pretty brutal. I hope Daisy stays far away from that guy. He’s a creep.

“It doesn’t seem like your world has advanced technology,” this time Wolf speaks, “but it’s no matter. As long as Star Fox isn’t there, I can make do.”

Ganondorf grins to himself, almost as if what Wolf is saying is ironic. I’m not sure I like it when he grins. Actually I’m very certain that I don’t.

“Same goes for me,” the purple dragon speaks again. He turns to Evil Samus, who nods in agreement. What exactly is that thing?

“Count me in as well.”

Heads turn to see who’s spoken up this time. Meta-Knight descends from above, his bat-like wings flapping against the current. I was never a fan of the demonic-looking wings. They’re ugly, and they make gross sounds when they’re flapping. It sounds unnatural.

Once Meta-Knight reaches the ground, his wings transform into his usual cape. He looks over at me, and our eyes lock. I’m sure he’s capable, but I’ve never seen Meta-Knight blink before. He just stares at you with this intense, yellow gaze all the time.

I sense a growing power emanating from his presence, and his cape starts to billow as we continue to glare at each other. Is he trying to intimidate me? I’d better ready to stand my ground if he tries something. As I begin to unfold my wings, he ends our staring contest to address Ganondorf.

“I’ve grown tired of Dream Land,” he says. “It’s a lazy world full of coddled peasantry. They can all get erased.”

Ganondorf nods but quickly looks through the crowd. Who is he searching for?

“Where is your king?” he asks. I assume he means that weird, fat penguin thing. He’s a king? King of what? There can’t be much to rule over when your greatest nemesis is a fighting wad of gum.

“He is a buffoon,” Meta-Knight says. “He doesn’t deserve a place here with us.”

“That is…unfortunate,” Ganondorf shakes his head but maintains his smirk. “He could have been quite useful.”

“He will be the first I knock out of the ring,” Meta-Knight responds. “Then, it will be Kirby.”

“An ambitious plan,” Ganondorf says. He glances towards the rest of the crowd. “I can assume I have the rest of your allegiances as well?”

The others either speak, grunt, or make some strange otherworldly noises in agreement. How can they follow him so easily? Even a complete idiot knows Ganondorf is only out to help himself. He wants power, and he’ll do anything to get it. He’ll even pretend to work with a band of villains who, if they ever decided, could turn against him and eliminate his entire dimension themselves.

Ganondorf nods as he acknowledges everyone who shows support of his scheme. His eyes finally fall on me, and I realize I’m the only one who hasn’t said anything.

“Well?” he says. “What say you, Dark Pit?”

He’s got his army now. I can’t single-handedly take them all out in the ring when they’re this coordinated. I’d expend too much energy and probably take too much damage, which would make me easier to knock out.

For the time being, I’ll have to work with them. I’ll help them knock the others out of the ring, and then I’ll make sure they get knocked out too. I’ll even wipe that smirk off of Ganondorf’s face, but I may need Dumb Pit’s help in the meantime. We can settle our score later.

I will never be someone’s servant.

“I’m in,” I say. “There’s a copycat I need to get rid of.”

8 minutes until the tournament begins.