The Mandalorian S2 Ep5 Review

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Was it worth the wait?

We got a lot of info dumping this episode, which was inevitable given Ahsoka’s grand entrance. We learned a LOT about Baby Yoda’s past (including his name). Furthermore, an important Imperial antagonist still lives and may make a future appearance.

“Chapter 13” functions as a traditional western and samurai mashup. Mando arrives on Corvus in a newly repaired Razor Crest ready to meet Ahsoka. He stumbles upon Calodan, a city run by tyrranical Imperial magistrate Morgan Elsbeth.

However, Ahsoka’s been busy fighting off the magistrate’s band of soldiers. This made for a cool lone samurai reference, especially with a character like Ahsoka.

Ahsoka and Din’s paths cross, and we learn just who Baby Yoda actually is. Then, we quickly move on to this week’s mission.

Ahsoka’s fight scenes drew me in immediately. It was obvious a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail went into the choreography. Every moment was carefully curated.

Even the cinematography flourished in all the right places. When the reveals happened, the setting allowed them to settle. Corvus appears as a bleak and lifeless place at first glance, much like Ahsoka’s hope for Baby Yoda’s Jedi training.

All in all, it was impressive return for Ahsoka. We may not see her again for a while, but it works. We now have a new objective: find the Jedi Temple. And with Moff Gideon not far behind, I’m sure we’re heading into the best this season has to offer.

The Moff Gideon showdown is coming.