“Seven Deadly Sins” Movie Premieres July 2nd

It’s coming! The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light (Nanatsu no Taizai: Hikari ni Norowareshi Mono-tachi) premieres July 2nd.

However, that’s not all. According to a teaser released from the official website, it’s time to say goodbye to the anime. A new poster released reads, “Farewell, Seven Deadly Sins.”

Original manga author Nakaba Suzuki penned the storyline for the Cursed by Light, which features an all-new story following the events of The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement.

Fans will recall Dragon’s Judgement adapts the New Holy War arc of the manga. The arc sees Elizabeth and the gang racing against time to prevent Meliodas from becoming the new demon king.

Dragon’s Judgement suffered a 3-month delay due to COVID-19, premiering January 6th instead of October 2020. Still, it looks like Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light won’t have any issues. July will be here before we know it!

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“Hello Kitty” Movie Hires Hollywood Directors

Looks like Hello Kitty‘s finally hitting the big screen after 6 years in development.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, animators Jennifer Coyle and Leo Matsuda will helm the adaptation. The film will be a mix of live action and animation.

Jennifer Coyle previously worked on Harley Quinn and Bob’s Burgers, two well-known animated series. Leo Matsuda has several Disney CG titles such as Big Hero 6 and Zootopia under his belt. To add to that, the Academy Awards shortlisted his directorial debut short “Inner Workings” in 2017.

Lindsey Beer will be the scriptwriter for the film. Her company, Known Universe, will serve as executive producer.

Beau Flynn and his FlynnPictureCo. will produce the film. This marks a first, as Hello Kitty creator Sanrio is notoriously picky about granting film rights to major film studios.

New Line Cinema and FlynnPictureCo join together in handling production and development of the Hello Kitty film, with Warner Bros. handling the film’s worldwide distribution.

The upcoming animated film will be the first feature-length film for the franchise. As of yet, no release date has been set.

“Demon Slayer” Dethrones “Spirited Away” As #1 Japanese Film

It took nearly 20 years, but there’s a new #1 Japanese film in town. As of writing, Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train earned the US equivalent of $399.18 million in Asia alone.

That estimate includes ticket sales from territories such as Taiwan (626,387,204 New Taiwan dollars), Thailand (124.43 million baht), Hong Kong (29,100,868 Hong Kong dollars), Singapore (2.42 million Singapore dollars), and Vietnam (16,160,018,000 dong).

By comparison, Spirited Away‘s original worldwide sales record was the US equivalent of $383,397,782.00. It’s a narrow lead, but it’s still a win for Demon Slayer fans.

The Demon Slayer movie follows protagonists Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Inosuke as they board a train to assist Flame Hashira Kyōjurō Rengoku on a mission. The film covers the Mugen Train Arc of the original manga, which spans 17 chapters.

As of now, Funimation and Aniplex plan to screen the film in American theaters sometime this year. No official release date has been set on any platform as of yet.

Watch the trailer below:

New Sailor Moon Arc Teased in Upcoming Movie

A brand new Sailor Moon arc? Yes, you read that right!

Fans got a surprise at the end of Part 2 of Sailor Moon Eternal. A mysterious “To Be Continued” messaged flashed across the screen, hinting at a continuation. Fans might recall this happening at the end of Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal as well.

But that’s not all! According to voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi (Usagi Tsukino), there’s supposed to be an arc following the Stars arc. There’s no official confirmation yet, but it leaves PLENTY of room to speculate.

First, how would such an arc work? Would Sailor Moon be given yet another transformation prior to her future transformation into Sailor Cosmos? Who would the Big Bad be this time around?

They could always go the Digimon route and fast-forward to the Guardians as grown ups rather than teens. We could follow their adult lives before they’re inevitably drawn into yet another conflict.

Either way, I’m excited both for the movie and a potential follow-up to the Stars arc. As of writing, there’s no plans for an English-language release of Eternal. So, it looks like we’ll still be in limbo for a bit on that front.

Also, can we get an English dub for the 90s Stars season? Please and thank you!

Otherwise, here’s another important question about future releases. Would you prefer an entire season or movies? Sound off in the comments!

Watch the trailer for Sailor Moon Eternal below:

I Really Tried to Like the Wonder Woman Movie

I really tried to like Wonder Woman. Really, I did. As one of my ultimate favorite superheroes, I was more than excited when they announced she would get her own standalone movie. Still, I found myself dazed, confused, and well…bored upon seeing her grace the big screen.

As someone who’s always prided himself on being one of the few people in my circle who can actually enjoy things without picking them apart, this was a hard pill to swallow. I went to see a movie with a 92% Rotten Tomato score, and I ended up being unimpressed with it as a whole.

A few things that really bothered me?

The Action

The action scenes were amazing…when they weren’t constantly interrupted by slow motion close-up shots. Diana would kick a bad guy. Said bad guy would fly out of a window in slow motion. Time would speed up when Diana turned around to face another baddie…only to slow down again when she reached for her sword. Every. Single. Punch. Nearly every step taken in an action scene involved the overuse of slow motion. It became jarring the majority of the time.

The Pacing

This movie was too long. Let’s face it. Much of its screen time could have been reduced, especially the scenes in the third act. By then, it felt like the movie was padding itself to make you wait until the inevitable final boss battle at its climax. Hopefully this doesn’t become a habit with DC’s movies being overlong just for the sake of it (looking at you, Justice League).

The Villain

For every wonderful superhero, there has to be a bad guy or a bad situation that truly elevates the story and raises the stakes. Ares’ anticlimactic reveal at the end of the film was both disappointing and boring. By then, I was ready for the end credits to roll, and the fight scene between the two was nowhere near as impressive as Wonder Woman’s fight against Doomsday.

You have to understand. Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, male or female. After the unnecessarily botched Batman v. Superman, much was riding on Wonder Woman’s big screen success. With Marvel continuing to kick DC into the ground in terms of consistency, redemption was necessary.

Enter Wonder Woman. No, literally. I’m still amazed at how someone can mess up a movie about Superman and Batman fighting each other, but it still happened. One thing many critics agreed on? Wonder Woman was the best part of the movie.

So, no I didn’t have a problem with Gal Gadot’s performance. I didn’t think the story was lackluster. I thought it was pretty consistent with its source material. I didn’t have a problem with the woman-only screenings or the ridiculous politics surrounding the film. I simply didn’t like it. Yet, I understand and respect its position as a game-changer for female superheroes (and female leads in general).

Your Thoughts?