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The Mandalorian S2 Ep1 Review

Are there other important planets besides Tatooine?

The Mandalorian kicked off its season premiere with more of the same and came across as more of a retread of earlier story elements.

After a fantastic season finale, many fans were expecting a narrative shift that would more directly follow the reveals and outcomes of the season 1 finale. However, it seems season 2 wants to take the slow approach, which is fine. I’m all for subverting fan expectations, ESPECIALLY Star Wars fans. We’re annoying.

Still, it would have been nice to see some sort of nod or tease thrown in the mix. Where is Moff Gideon? Where did Cara Dune end up? Is Greef Karga planning a new way to double-cross someone? It would have been nice to see what they’ve been up to (and plotting).

An episode like “Chapter 9” wouldn’t be so glaringly tedious if not for the fact that we’re only getting 8 episodes this season. Did we need to get sidetracked in Mos Eisley yet again? Did we need another Boba Fett tease? Just wheel the guy out already!

Not every episode needs to be a mind-bending, plot twisting, explosions and cool poses extravaganza, but more of the same won’t cut it this season. There are other, more creative ways to make us wait for our questions to get answered.

All in all, this season still holds plenty of promise. The “go find Jedis” mission rings very much like an RPG video game objective. However, from the looks of “Chapter 9,” we’re going to be going on a lot of side quests until things get interesting.