WATCH: “Hamilton” Remade in “Animal Crossing”

Thought you’d seen the last of Hamilton? Think again! Animal Crossing joins the long list of tributes for the Broadway hit musical.

First, the Muppets gave us their rendition of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s masterpiece. Now Animal Crossing fans get to see some of their favorite villagers (Especially Raymond) remaking their favorite tunes.

YouTuber Guitar_Knight14 has been successfully remaking every song from the musical. Currently, all of Act 1 is finished and can be viewed below.

Additionally, it looks like Guitar_Knight14 plans to release Act 2 as soon as possible, so be on the lookout for more from Nintendo’s favorite playground.

Meanwhile, if you’re an Animal Crossing player, don’t forget that Spring is just around the corner. Build those Snow boys while you still can and get ready to see green grass again. We survived winter!