Taking Care of Yourself Also Means Educating Yourself

We need self-care tips more than ever now. It’s imperative that we discover ways to keep ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. But did you know taking care of yourself also involves education?

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe. Perhaps, you believe you’re done with “schooling.” You’re probably like me. You got your degree, realized it was useless, and burned yourself out on “learning.”

Well, don’t give up on education yet! It’s never too late to learn something new. Let’s run through a few ways to stimulate your mind.

Don’t Just Veg Out After Work Every Day

I’ve mentioned before that there’s a difference between self-care and self-indulgence. Watching TV after a long day at work is certainly relaxing. I definitely partake after my hectic work days.

Still, it’s important to practice moderation. A study conducted by Tohoku University found that watching excessive amounts of TV can lower your IQ. If you really think about it, that adds up. Even though I love it, what exactly is intellectually stimulating about most reality shows?

I’m not saying cut TV out of your life completely. For me, I need that period of time to just have something playing as I untangle my brain for a few minutes. Just don’t forget to find a way to stimulate your mind at least once a day.

Reading Helps Reduce Stress

Yes, you’re going to have to start reading if you don’t already. It’s an integral part of taking care of yourself.

According to research, reading helps alleviate stress more than other mediums. In fact, it can reduce stress by about 60% in just 6 minutes. It’s more beneficial than taking a walk, listening to music, or even playing video games.

Reading achieves this by lowering your heart rate, easing muscle tension, and altering your state of mind. We all love to escape into a new world when we read, right? Well, now you have even more reason to.

Learn Something New. Make New Mistakes

Say it with me. It’s okay to get it wrong at first. Learning is all about making mistakes, if we’re being honest.

Don’t be afraid to learn or try something new. Whether it’s a new skill or simply a new word, make every effort to expand you mind. Learn how to cook (or find a way to improve it). Expand your vocabulary by learning one new word a day. It’s really that easy.

You’ll be surprised how accomplished you feel no matter what the task is. I go into more detail in my book, Life After Low Self-Esteem. Be sure to check it out and recommend it to anyone you know.

And remember. It’s never too late to start educating yourself.