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The Mandalorian S2 Ep2 Review

Yup, it’s another dungeon quest and Boss battle.

I’ll give kudos to this episode for trying something different (or for not forcing us to look at sand anymore). “Chapter 10” offers a subtlety in the place of clear plot momentum.

We still have the main objective: find the Jedi. However, as I mentioned in the previous review, we’re still gonna have some sidequests along the way. Thankfully, this side quest manages to shed light on an important dynamic for our protagonist: parenthood.

From the first episode of the series, we knew Mando was going to be conflicted with his feelings about taking Baby Yoda under his care. Heck, it’s a strong possibility he’ll be quite reluctant to part with the adorable blob once he meets the Jedi.

So what role does the Mandalorian want to fill for his charge? We’ll need a few more episodes for that question to be completely answered, but “Chapter 10” succeeds in foreshadowing what will surely be a critical character moment.

Nevertheless, “Chapter 10” still feels like an unnecessary episode, but it’s at least better than “Chapter 9” and its return to the Wild West schtick. With only 6 chapters left to go, this needs to be the final episode where we get no new developments.

I’m sure Disney+ wants to keep the “I only subscribed for Mandalorian” numbers up, so here’s to hoping we there’s a narrative shift next episode. We’ve had enough side quests. It’s time to continue with the main storyline.

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