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The Mandalorian S2 Ep3 Review

Now we’re getting somewhere! Quite literally.

In my earlier reviews, I lamented at the lack of clear plot progression. “Chapter 12” succeeded in knocking my opinions flat on their backs. We not only meet other, native-born Mandalorians. A crucial detail about our protagonist materializes: he’s been indoctrinated.

Fans have long speculated Din was adopted by the Death Watch during the Clone Wars. Now, we have our confirmation, which gives Din MUCH more depth and opens him up for quite a few character moments.

There’s still the Mission of the Week format, but it works here. Clearly, the showrunners want to fold overarching plot developments into each mission. We just get a little bit more each episode. Viewers like some level of routine, so I can appreciate that that.

We learn the Imperial outcasts have quite a bit of firepower left, led by the incredibly capable Moff Gideon. We also learn the whereabouts of Ahsoka Tano, which is really what we’ve all been waiting for.

“Chapter 12” displays a near-perfect blend of humor, tension, and world-building all in its 30-minute run time. It didn’t feel like a short episode, as there was a lot to process. So, with that being said, maybe I should just trust that the showrunners and their decision to slow-burn us to death.

Clearly, they know when and how to quickly bring us up to speed.

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