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The Mandalorian S2 Ep4 Review

I wasn’t expecting that, and that’s a good thing.

Okay, I finally conceded to the Mission of the Week format. It’s obviously staying. The showrunners made that clear at this point. Luckily, our favorite duo’s side quest packed plenty of action and foreshadowing.

We find ourselves back in Nevarro (where all the interesting stuff happens anyway) to repair the Razor Crest. Of course, Din gets swooped into another mission because he’s Din. And what is this mission? Destroy some more Imperials, of course!

Except, that’s when the new plot developments start rolling in.

The gang learns that Moff Gideon is, in fact, alive. They also learn via Dr. Pershing (as a hologram) why the Imperials need baby Yoda. My guess? Girl, they trying to make a clone Sith army.

And honestly, if that’s truly the plan, I’m REALLY going to side eye the First Order still using Storm Troopers. Like what is their purpose besides selling new toys? Okay never mind. I’ll stop being cynical.

Back to “Chapter 12.” We end our side quest with a high speed chase and a scene with Gideon revealing he’s placed a tracking device on Mando’s ship. So, expect a showdown in the season finale at least.

We lost some of the momentum from last week’s episode, but I’m okay with it. There were still plenty of important plot beats to move things forward. Now, with the Razor Crest repaired, it’s time to complete our quest.

Ahsoka Tano is coming!

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