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ToKyotchi Chapter 32

Attack at Legaros Tower

Che couldn’t help but wonder what Dr. Phineas Chapman studied in school and where said school was even located.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that there were actual colleges spread across the Tomore region. Being around Tyson definitely proved certain things like football also existed in Eden. Perhaps Dr. Chapman did spend the better part of ten years in academia pursuing his doctorate. He even appeared to be making much better use of his degrees than Che had ever managed.

He looked over at Nikki just as Dr. Chapman was about to begin speaking and froze. She was staring up at the sky with an alarmed expression, which was unusual for Nikki. If she wasn’t rolling her eyes at something, she was at minimum disinterested.

Che followed her gaze and immediately locked on to a figure rapidly descending from the sky. He tried to shield his eyes from the sun to get a better view of who was flying towards them, barely managing to make out spiky red hair and a deranged expression. A chill ran down his spine, and it felt as if every muscle in his body tensed all at once.

“Get down!” Che shouted, his outburst interrupting Dr. Chapman and causing everyone to turn to face him, their expressions riddled with confusion. Nikki absently grabbed his arm, signaling she understood the gravity of the situation.

“Do it now!” Nikki warned as she slipped into a battle stance, an orange globe of fire appearing in her hand.

Before anyone could take a single step, Yokan sent down an invisible force of energy that flattened the entire crowd at once. Within seconds, the scene changed from one of confusion to one of panic as people scrambled away in fear.

All Che could hear were the sounds of people screaming as they stumbled over each other to get away. He managed to get to his feet quickly, preparing himself for Yokan’s next attack.

“Mom? Mom, wake up!”

Che turned to see Tyson crouched down on the ground clutching Sharon’s hand, who was unconscious. Mart had been knocked a few feet away and was struggling to get to his feet. Nikki had already come to stand by Che’s side again, her globe of fire reignited in her hand.

“He finally showed his face…” her voice was low but calm. She looked into Che’s eyes, her own determined and unafraid. “Do you think you’re strong enough this time?”

Che shook his head. “I don’t know, but I have to do something before he hurts someone.”

“Students and families, get inside the tower at once!” Dr. Chapman called out as the faculty behind him created a line of defense. “I’ve already activated the safety protocols! Go!”

Several soldiers began quickly escorting students and their families away from the scene. Che looked over to see Bella, Kim, and Lorenzo, their expressions a mix of fear and confusion.

“You all need to go!” Nikki shouted to them. “Rowan and I will stay behind with Tyson!”

Lorenzo shook his head, pointing at Sharon. “I’m not going until she wakes up.”

Bella folded her arms, indicating she was staying as well, while Kim rushed to Tyson’s side. Che looked back to see Nikki nodding in approval.

“We’ll stay together then,” she said firmly before looking back up at Yokan.

Once most of the students and families had cleared out, the faculty fled inside the tower save for Professor Avis and Coach Naul. Yokan hovered above them, his face twisted in a menacing grin as he prepared to strike.

Professor Avis stood firm as tiny sparkles of yellow energy swirled around her, but Coach Naul shielded her with his arm.

“Cyclone!” Coach Naul, Professor Avis, Dr. Chapman, and Yokan were engulfed in a twister of swirling water, its wind so powerful that it nearly knocked Che off of his feet.

“She’s not waking up!” Tyson shouted, and Che looked over at his friend who was desperately shaking his mother.

“Rowan…” Nikki said, turning to face him. “What should we do?”

Che looked around, noticing everyone’s eyes were locked on him, awaiting his command. The swirling vortex dissipated, revealing Dr. Chapman, Coach Naul, and Professor Avis had vanished. It seemed they were now safe and sound.

Yet, Yokan still hovered overhead, his eyes now locked on Che’s.

“I see…” Yokan answered some unspoken question between the two of them, his voice low and gravelly. “So…what will you do?”

Che took in a deep breath, closing his eyes as he considered his options.

“Rowan!” he opened his eyes to see Kim, Bella, Nikki, and Lorenzo standing in front of him. Bella had an annoyed expression on her face. “Nikki just asked you what we should do! What are you waiting for?”

Che looked over at Tyson, who was still clutching Sharon’s hand. Mart was now on the other side of his wife, tears streaming down his face.

“We fight,” Che looked up at Yokan with determination, and Nikki clapped her hands while the others nodded in approval. Yet, before anyone could make a decision, Yokan shot his hand forward, sending out another invisible assault.

“Star Wall!” Lorenzo shouted as a translucent wall of pink energy appeared in front of Che and the others. Yokan’s invisible force slammed into the wall, unable to break through its thick barrier. Once the shield dissipated, Che rushed forward, readying an attack of his own.

He knew he could use at least two moves, Ace Punch and Meditate. According to what he’d learned in Professor Avis’ class, Yokan had a major advantage over him as a Mental type. Still, if the others helped him, if he could manage to catch Yokan off guard somehow…

“No,” Yokan shook his head slowly as if reading Che’s thoughts. “You’re still not ready.”

Che felt his feet leave the ground, and he was suddenly knocked onto his back. He barely had time to register Kim, Bella, and Nikki launching their own attacks as Lorenzo shielded them from Yokan’s attacks when he could.

Che struggled to stand up, watching as Yokan knocked them out one by one, starting with Lorenzo. He paused before making his way toward Che, his expression unreadable.

“Come now,” Yokan chuckled. “This is still the best you can do? After the opportunity you’ve been given?”

“Shut up!” Che’s voice was hoarse as he finally managed to get to his feet. Yokan raised his hand, and Che knew he’d get struck down again.

“Thunder Rush!”

A flash of lightning and movement knocked Yokan back, though he still hovered above everyone, seemingly unfazed. Tyson appeared in front of Che, his stance much more rigid than usual.

“Get away from him!” Tyson shouted, pointing at Yokan.

“No, Tyson…” Che croaked. “Get away from him! Please!”

Tyson didn’t turn to face Che, only shaking his head. “He hurt my mom.”

Che sighed. He understood Tyson’s feelings, but Tyson also didn’t know who he was dealing with. Yokan regarded the teen for a moment, seemingly amused, before preparing another attack.

Tyson braced himself for impact, but before Yokan could complete the move, Coach Naul’s Cyclone attack appeared once again, first engulfing Kim and the others before moving toward Sharon and Mart. As it changed direction towards Tyson and Che, Yokan shifted back to avoid it, a smile plastered across his face.

“Friday then?” he said, his voice barely audible.

Che watched in horror as the cyclone wrapped around Tyson and swept him away. No! He had to face Yokan now! He had to find a way back home once and for all! He struggled to move forward, but he was powerless against the strength of the cyclone.

Yokan’s face faded in and out of sight as the cyclone finally engulfed Che, thrashing him about as if he’d been thrown into a river and pulled in several directions at once. He fought against the current at first but finally accepted his predicament as Yokan’s face finally vanished from sight. This was who he would soon have to face, someone who was far beyond his strength and experience.

He and Lorenzo wouldn’t possibly be ready by next week.