What Exactly is the Gate in Austyria?

The Gate is an elusive doorway which has terrorized the southern part of the Heran continent for many years.

No one knows its origins or its purpose, and few speak about it. Its appearance is seen as a bad omen that is followed by horrific events. Though it’s yet to be studied extensively, a few scholars have gathered some information on it.

Below are some facts regarding the Gate and the mysteries surrounding it.

You Must Never Go Near It

While few want to talk about the Gate, whispers prevail in the capital. Apparently, victims brought in were described as suffering from bizarre injuries.

A woman was missing both of her arms and mouth, but there were no wounds or signs of an attack. The bottom of her face was completely covered in smooth skin as were the knobs where her arms used to be. She looked as if she was born without them.

It Changes Locations

The Gate never seems to stay in the same spot. Villagers in Hollo have reported seeing it shift its location multiple times in one day. No one knows what causes it to warp from place to place, and there are no theories as to what draws it to certain locations. However, it does seem to favor dense, wooded areas over open territory.

It Taints the Area It Appears In

Few venture into the forest where the cursed door was last seen, but those who do report seeing unusual sights. A Soldier stationed in Hollo stated he’s seen a horned figure standing at the treeline watching him for hours. A villager stated she saw a man walk into a tree and seemingly “melt into it.”

Soldiers also report an increasing amount of monster activity in places where the Gate causes disturbances.

Possible Ties to the Prophecy?

Many view the Gate as the harbinger of the ancient Prophecy, which points to the end times. Per the Prophecy, the Angel of Death will appear to bring about the world’s end and salvation. Many interpret this to be the Apocalypse, and the cursed door is believed to be how the Angel will enter this world.

The world of Austyria is full of incredible mysteries and secrets. Scholars are constantly searching for clues as to what’s causing certain disturbances on our planet. Just remember to keep a look out and always plan for the unexpected.