What is the Prophecy of Austyria?

All who worship the Goddess of Light know of the Prophecy, but few understand its true meaning.

The Covenant of Aeris Fata is the religion practiced in most of Heran, the continent where Devona kingdom is located. The Prophecy was first mentioned about a century ago, though there is continuous debate on its accuracy.

Below, we will attempt to break down the Prophecy and its true meaning. Ultimately, you may end up drawing your own conclusions, and that’s fine.

What Does It Say?

Pulled from holy scripts, the exact wording of the Prophecy is as follows:

United will the nations be through Darkness

The Sun will twist the earth, the earth will twist the Sun

From a throne in the Heavens an Angel will appear

Awaiting his challenge by the world’s defenses

He will raise his hand and bring about the world’s end

Through salvation, he will clash and forgive

For this is the price we must pay for neglecting our brethren

Luminous 4: 5-12

Who Does It Refer To?

The Prophecy makes clear mention of an Angel and “nations.” It’s not clear which nations it’s referring to, but the Angel is the most prominent figure.

The text states that the Angel will bring about the world’s end, which many interpret as meaning its complete destruction. As for the unifying of nations, relations between Devona and Eorum aren’t cooling off anytime soon. So, what is this Darkness, and how will it bring the nations together?

What Is the Timeline of Events?

There is considerable debate on when the Prophecy will be fulfilled. According to some scholars, the event has already passed with the disappearance of the Elves. Others say it could happen any day now.

What Can We Do to Stop It?

Based on the text, there’s not much that can be done to prevent these events from playing out. However, certain members of the clergy have called the royal family’s attention to to a specific line.

“Awaiting his challenge by the world’s defenses”

What are the world’s defenses, and how will they challenge the Angel? Does the rest of the text indicate they’ll lose? Many look to that line as hope that the Prophecy can be averted in some way, but there’s no clear evidence yet.

Adventure, mysteries, and prophecies await in the world of Austyria. As you continue on your travels, remember to stay well-equipped and well-informed. To win is to have a plan.