What is the Truth About the Alrelic?

The Alrelic is the centerpiece of an adventurer’s journey. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to get stronger, but what exactly is it?

No one’s entirely sure of the true purpose of Alrelics, even after years of study by scholars. Who put them here, and was that person good or bad? Why do they give us class designations and quests?

We’re still trying to discover the answers to those questions, but below are a few facts and running theories collected over time.

Alrelics Give Us Classes

The divine artifacts can grant class designations, which is one of the most commonly known facts about them. Alrelics are capable of bestowing a primary and secondary class. Be aware that these divine artifacts decide what class designation someone gets, not the other way around. Most only have a limited number of classes available to choose from.

Alrelics Give Us Quests

Pubs and guild halls aren’t the only places to take on quests. The divine artifacts need assistance just like anything else. The type of quest received depends on the location, the individual’s class, and the monsters native to the area.

Are They Good or Evil?

Since so little is known about these objects, it’s hard to decipher if they’re a source of good or evil. It’s unclear who their creator was, and there are no clues as to when they first appeared in Austyria. Some scholars believe they are neither good nor evil but entirely indifferent.

Are They From This World?

Another theory is that the divine objects aren’t from this world at all but another. It would make sense, but that still lends the question as to who placed them here and why? And do they intend on coming back to claim them one day?

Can They Be Destroyed?

A few scholars and researchers have attempted to break an Alrelic, but it’s been reported that nothing can harm them. They also seem to protect the structure around them. When researchers discover ruins, they find that the inner-most structure that houses the divine object is always intact. Meanwhile, the rest of the structure is dilapidated.

The world of Austyria is full of mysteries and wonder. As the years go on, more knowledge of the Alrelics and their true purpose will be revealed. In the meantime, keep up with your adventures and utilize the gifts the divine objects give us.