Your Dating Life Can’t Be This Bad, Right?

Today, he’s just another gay author. Tomorrow, he’s going to rule the world. He’s just got one thing standing in his way: his horrible gay dating life.

Be warned that none of this is fiction. It would be better if these dating stories were mere fairy tales. But we don’t get wishes from our fairy godmothers in this life. Sometimes, we have to find the magic in ourselves instead.

Navigating the world of dating is hard. Having a gay dating life is even harder. While waiting for his new romantic interest to arrive at a coffee house, Dimitrius decides to dig deep into his past to see where it all went wrong.

What follows is a trip down memory lane full of outrageous encounters with cheating boyfriends, family drama, and a grown man who likes to wear diapers.

Realizing nearly every relationship he’s been in has ended in catastrophe, Dimitrius devises a plan to properly manage his latest romantic-fling-turned-tragedy.

He wants to become a better person and meet better people. The problem is he’s only got until the end of his next date to figure out what to do next.

Do you think your dating life is bad? Think again.

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