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A short, girly, gay black guy walks into a crowded bar. This should be the start of an unnecessarily offensive joke, but it’s not. He’s there to celebrate his third promotion with an incredibly large and supportive group of friends.

Sure, people give him funny looks for the way he’s dressed (he’s got on heels, after all). Sure, a few of them make nasty comments at his expense, but he doesn’t care. Their comments don’t affect him. He views himself as amazing, beautiful, and so much more. So, how did he get there? What’s his secret?

Dimitrius Jones is not a doctor or medical professional. He hasn’t spent decades performing miracle makeovers or written countless essays about every mental health condition known to man. He is a gay man who used to struggle with low self-esteem. That is, he used to struggle with it before he started fighting back.

For Gay Men: Life After Low Self-Esteem is a guide for gay men to learn how to accept their entire selves, even the parts they wish they could hide. Many wrestle with low self-esteem, something that is stigmatized in our society and culture. As a result, since gay men are still stigmatized to begin with, there is a tremendous amount of fear when it comes to opening up about feelings of low self-worth.

This compassionate guide explores the unique struggles of self-esteem through the eyes of the author. Through his own struggles, he is able to detail how understanding your whole self, working towards improvement, and learning to stand up for yourself can lead to increased self-confidence.

This is not your average self-help book. Readers will be expected to put themselves to work as they move along. Reaching a place of self-confidence takes time and practice. The author will guide readers through several tips, tricks, and achievements with research to back up each claim.

Now, more than ever, it is important to craft the tools necessary for loving and accepting ourselves as gay individuals. We live in a world where insults, criticisms, harassment, and fears are more commonplace than love and acceptance.

Overcoming low self-worth can seem impossible given what we’ve been through as gay men, but it’s completely achievable. With patience, time, and practice anyone can make significant self-improvements. If there’s one thing to take away from this book, it’s that it is without a doubt possible to explore a life after low self-esteem.

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