ToKyotchi Chapter 37

Time for a Rematch Che could try to rationalize that everyone hadn’t been staring at him all day. He could perhaps convince himself that nothing had changed since Yokan’s attack, but that blissful ignorance had already been shattered. He’d been having trouble sleeping ever since he and Lorenzo snuck into Legaros Tower. It had been […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 36

The Message Nikki could only stare at the whiteboard, her mind whirling with a million questions that she couldn’t answer. She didn’t know where to begin. She could also vaguely hear Professor Avis’ lecture on Status Effects, but her mind was elsewhere. Or rather, she couldn’t stop herself from glancing around the room every few […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 35

Change of Plans Apparently, Tyson was a lot more exhausted than he’d initially let on earlier. The poor guy fell asleep the second he was comfortable in his bed. Sharon and Mart had decided to return home along with the other parents, and he knew the incident had deeply upset Tyson, even if his roommate […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 34

The Planned Escape Nikki had wanted to spend the entire day locked in her room, but now she found herself overcome with dread as she stood outside the dormitories. The sun was quickly setting, and the last rays of light cast a melancholy glow over her surroundings. From the moment she’d spotted Yokan in the […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 33

The Aftermath “Mr. Rowan? Mr. Rowan, are you alright?” Che blinked and realized he’d zoned out for several minutes. Nurse Taffy stood before him, a look of concern on her face. He glanced around the lobby of Legaros Tower, noticing that people were finally starting to leave. “Yes, I’m fine,” he replied, shaking his head […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 32

Attack at Legaros Tower Che couldn’t help but wonder what Dr. Phineas Chapman studied in school and where said school was even located. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that there were actual colleges spread across the Tomore region. Being around Tyson definitely proved certain things like football also existed in Eden. Perhaps Dr. […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 31

A Looming Shadow From her window, Nikki could see the crowds moving in the direction of Legaros Tower, likely for some ceremony she had no interest in participating in. Still, she’d been surprised to see the king and queen of Sall Kingdom show up. She didn’t know one of their children went to school here. […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 30

Lorenzo Needs a Friend As Che and Tyson weaved their way through the crowd of students, he couldn’t help but notice the pang of envy growing inside of him. He tried to ignore it, but the idea of having to be around so many families for the next few days made him uneasy. He kept […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 29

Wait! She’s a Princess? Che didn’t know Legaros Academy had so many students. Or that so many people, let alone classmates, could fit in one tower. Still, it shouldn’t have surprised him given its futuristic design. The sun was at its brightest, though it wasn’t as hot as he felt it should be at midday. […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 28

The Loner and the Promise Nikki stretched her arms over her head as she made her way back to the dorms. Maglev cabs whirred past as other students were leaving Legaros Tower, more than likely finishing their studies in the library. She felt a smirk tug at the corner of her lips as she realized […]