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ToKyotchi Chapter 55

Nikki vs. Faculty The crowd all around Nikki was still roaring, the entire stadium buzzing with excitement, though Nikki’s only focus was her opponent. The sun had just reached the middle of the sky, and Nikki hoped to use the heat to her advantage. If she could use her Sunstorm technique, she might be able […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 54

Final Exam “Whelp! Looks like Tyson’s outta there!” The crowd erupted in a mixture of encouraging cheers and polite applause as Tyson jumped back up to his feet, dusting the grass and dirt off of his school uniform. He heaved out a loud groan before glancing up at Professor Avis, who was still standing on […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 53

Rowan It had been clear for quite some time that the world was meant to be cruel. Nature, at its most primal, was unforgiving. At least, that was how Che had come to understand his time on Earth. There had been an era of his life when he believed good triumphed over evil, when everyone, […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 52

The Cell Che’s head was swimming as opened his eyes, just making out the stark white walls of his holding cell. His surroundings were now as cold and unyielding as the future he was now anticipating.Everything around him was illuminated by harsh LED lighting embedded in the ceiling, casting an unforgiving glow that highlighted the […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 51

Jocks Always Win, Don’t They? Che could feel his stomach rumbling as he scampered into the hallway, realizing he only had a few minutes left until he’d be late for his next class. Mr. Polk had already been frustrated with him for goofing off the previous day with Malik and Antonio, so he needed to […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 50

Time for the Truth Nikki gazed up at the 3D aircraft hologram rotating in the center above the receptionist’s desk. Even though the lobby of Legaros Tower was packed with students, it was completely silent, the air buzzing with anticipation. Professors Stufford, Nine, Avis, Lelele, and Naul circled the receptionist’s desk as if their job […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 49

The Secret of Room M-10 Che shook his head, unable to come up with an appropriate response. He felt a deep sense of sorrow for Lorenzo and what he had endured. Did people truly feel that way about him? It was all coming together now. It seemed as if everyone he’d encountered was struggling with […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 48

The Real Lorenzo Perhaps there would be a time when Legaros Academy wasn’t on the brink of destruction. Yokan would become nothing more than a distant, unpleasant memory, and Che’s existence as a student would be all but forgotten. Che held on to the hope that, even if he failed to stop Yokan, it would […]