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ToKyotchi Chapter 47

You Can’t Trust Him The evening light seemed to be inches away from fading, the accompanying chill encroaching upon the area. A slight gust sailed across what was left of the grassy fields, sending an eerie calmness around everything it touched. Che managed to barrel through all of it into the lobby of the boys’ […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 46

Last Class Che felt like he was walking underwater as he approached practice ring, the sun’s heat and humidity wrapping his body in a liquid embrace. This was the last place he wanted to be at the moment. He’d been so certain he wouldn’t make it to Sparring class to begin with after his disastrous […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 45

And Just Like That Che let out a sizable groan of relief as he pulled himself onto the roof of the girls’ dormitory. He paused, shaking his head to force away the feelings of creepiness and disgust, but he was certain this was the only place he’d find Nikki. Thankfully, his theory was confirmed when […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 44

Chetachi vs. Teenage Mood Swings Che certainly wouldn’t figure out how to infiltrate a highly guarded restricted area on an empty stomach. Besides, he’d need much more caffeine before he attempted that again. As the elevator doors quietly shut behind him, he scanned the cafeteria, relieved to find there were many more students than he […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 43

Debussy Saves the Day Again Truthfully, Che didn’t know why he’d been studying as hard as he’d been. At any point, Yokan could show his face again and obliterate the entire school. In fact, Che had been all but certain Yokan would make an appearance as he and Tyson rode the maglev cab to Legaros […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 42

Finals Week Che jolted awake, his head spinning and heart pounding. His eyes darted around the unfamiliar room in confusion. As he struggled to sit up, he realized he was lying on a cot of sorts that was attached to the concrete floor. He coughed as the metal air vent a few inches from his […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 41

Where Sunflowers Belong A lone sunbeam always managed to illuminate the same patch of grass every afternoon, just underneath the pecan tree in the backyard. It was what Che’s mother called the “lucky spot.” One year, the wind had blown seeds out of her hand, yet an entire head of lettuce had managed to sprout […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 40

Saved by the Sun Che took a deep breath, going over every strategy he could possibly think of in his mind. The status screen appeared in his vision, and he knew that whatever happened next, it would all be up to him. Yokan’s level and techniques hadn’t changed since their first encounter, but this time […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 39

Infiltrating the Restricted Area One dependable thing about Tyson was his ability to fall sound asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. It made it so that Che could easily make his preparations a few feet away from him without suspicion. After all, he certainly wasn’t packing any textbooks in his bag. He was […]

ToKyotchi Chapter 38

Time to Say Goodbye? Che could have melted into a puddle of pure exhaustion as he slung his towel over his shoulder, allowing himself to air out before he changed out of his Sparring uniform. He’d successfully beaten Lorenzo once again today, though the teen had managed to learn a new technique called Sorcery. Still, […]