Sin of Sheikari: Chapter 20

Ganondorf’s Tower

The storm was still relentless as Zelda made her way through the empty streets of Hyrule Castle Town. It had begun to rain, but she could see the tower in the distance. She knew she was getting close.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck close by, sending her sprawling to the ground. She got up quickly, but not before she saw a figure in the distance, watching her.

It was already here.

Yet she wouldn’t allow herself time to think about it as her focus returned to reaching Ganondorf. She was certain he was waiting for her, having listened in when she called out to her people. He would be fully prepared for her arrival.

The wind howled as she ran, her hood whipping around her face. She raced through the town square, noticing the Temple of Time in the distance as she continued north. Sheets of rain soon obscured her vision, but she could still see ahead of her. The shadow might make its move at any moment, but she had to keep going. Another lightning bolt struck, and she saw the figure again, taunting her.

She turned down an alleyway, but it was a dead end. With each flash of lightning, she could see the figure’s approaching shadow on the wall before her. Zelda turned to face her pursuer, holding her sword at the ready, but there was no one there. She let out a sigh of relief and leaned back against the wall.

Closing her eyes, she took in as deep of a breath as she could muster before she set off again. Once she was out of the town square, she could feel it, the intense magical energy coming from the direction of Ganondorf’s tower. The lightning strikes grew closer together, sometimes coming down right in front of her, yet Zelda gritted her teeth against the warm sting of magic that accompanied them. She wouldn’t let them discourage her, no matter how many times they battered the earth.

The magical energy’s potency grew stronger as she got closer, nearly knocking her off her feet by the time she reached the tower’s base. Her heart sunk as she gazed at the surrounding ruins. There was no sign of life anywhere. Hyrule Castle had been reduced to rubble, Ganondorf’s black spire being all that was left. It loomed over her, and she felt a chill run down her spine. It seemed almost mocking in its size and stature. Still, she knew better than to underestimate it. She started to move forward when a voice called out to her.

“You are out of time.”

When Zelda stepped down, she felt water splash up against her leg as the world dissolved into the Chamber of Sages. She stood at its center, the other six Sages surrounding her.

“They are here,” Rauru said solemnly, his posture as rigid as ever.

“W-we are all too late!” Abnar shivered, his cane trembling in his hands. “The Sheikari will be powerful enough to fully anchor themselves to this world!”

“Oh, you two,” Mison puffed up his cheeks as if the other two Sages were two young children trying to scare each other around a fire. “Such doom and gloom! It hasn’t all ended yet!”

“Mison, you rarely take anything seriously,” Grig shook his head, his expression ever-stern behind his great, bushy beard. “Ganondorf’s forces are still holding strong against the princess’ army, and it is only a matter of time before the shadows make their appearance.”

“Then perhaps we simply leave it to the goddesses,” Nove mused, his vibrant green eyes withering as despair seemed to take hold of him. “We must allow Hyrule to reclaim itself now as it has before.”

“I will not leave it up to anyone but myself.”

The other Sages turned to look at Zelda.

“Ganondorf’s tower is right before me,” she clenched her fists. “My people fight hordes of his monsters as we speak. I will not let him win.”

“And you are sure you’re prepared to face him?” Rauru asked. “He is more powerful than you or we can possibly imagine.”

“I am not as helpless as you would believe,” Zelda drew her sword. “My people fight because they believe in me. I cannot give up now.”

“Have you learned nothing?” Nove asked, his reedy voice harsh. “We thought ourselves mighty and were nearly destroyed! In the end, it all falls as it should!”

“She is still naive,” Grig shook his head as he gazed into the pool of water, perhaps hoping there might be an answer in it. “She does not understand the weight of her actions.”

“I understand more than you think,” Zelda retorted, still clutching her kodachi. “And I will not be deterred.”

“You are all fools,” Odan sat on the symbol of Shadow, his expression unreadable. “We are at the final hour of Hyrule’s fate, and you squabble like children.”

“Odan, stop being so sullen,” Mison wagged a finger at him. “The princess can handle herself.”

“And what of the Triforce?” Odan turned his attention to Rauru. “Ganondorf is not the only being who seeks it.”

“Ganondorf will not be able to reach it,” Rauru explained. “He cannot enter the Door of Time without the spiritual stones and the Ocarina of Time.”

“I don’t worry about Ganondorf,” Odan replied, his gaze sinking into the water.

Zelda took in a deep breath. Now wasn’t the time for this. “I must make it to the top of the tower. Once I get there, I will face Ganondorf and defeat him. The moment I do, you must all go back to sleep.”

All six Sages looked as though they wanted to speak at once, but it was Mison who finally broke the silence.

“You must hurry,” he said, his voice gentle. “I heard their nocturne, when they tried to claim you in the darkness. Yet you withstood them. You are more powerful than you realize, princess, but you must remember all that we have told you. All that we have entrusted in you.”

The Chambers of Sages faded back to the desolate landscape of what was once Hyrule Castle. Zelda was alone again, yet she knew what she had to do. Sheathing her kodachi, she reached her hand out towards the black tower, closing her eyes and calming her mind.

“Lend me your power,” Zelda whispered. “Provide me with a bridge to his infernal throne room.”

A bright light engulfed her, and she felt herself being pulled forward. At first, she stopped herself, feeling she would be cast into a pit of darkness. She then looked down at her feet, noticing a bright, rainbow-colored path had appeared beneath her. It stretched out before her, sloping upwards towards Ganondorf’s tower. Her eyes trailed its distance, and she deduced it led directly to where Ganondorf was. There was no time to delay.

She began her ascent along the rainbow bridge, a glowing spot of light appearing beneath her feet with each step. The closer she got to the tower, the more the darkness seemed to press in on her, and she paused, taking a deep breath to steady herself. She thought of Impa, Ruto, Darunia, and the Gerudo. They were all fighting for her, for the kingdom.

She broke into a run, no longer feeling the need to restrain her magic. Ganondorf would fall today.

He had to.

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