Sin of Sheikari: Chapter 22

Shadow’s Vengeance

There was an unknown legend, passed down by the shadow folk. Those who would seek out the sacred triangle would do well to heed its resting place, the Sacred Realm, for it was a mirror that reflected what was in the heart. If an evil heart, the realm would become full of pure evil; if pure, the realm would become a paradise.

The Triforce, the sacred triangle, was a balance that weighed the three forces: Courage, Wisdom, and Power. Only one with all three forces in balance could gain the True Force to govern all. If that person’s heart was not in balance, the Triforce would separate into three parts encompassing Courage, Wisdom, and Power.

Only one part would remain for the one who touched the Triforce, that part representing the force they most believed in. To gain the True Force, they would need to acquire the two lost parts.

The Sheikah knew of this legend, yet the Sheikari…

Zelda tried to steady her breathing as the knowledge flooded her mind, unsure why it was coming to her now. Her body was rigid, frozen in a battle stance with her sword at the ready. Her eyes were wide and unblinking, unfocused as she stared into the darkness ahead of her. Dark Link quietly stood a few feet away from her, his arms folded as he watched her intently.

Zelda glanced down at Ganondorf’s dark, twisted sword, the only reminder that he had ever existed. She clutched her kodachi harder, certain Dark Link would strike at any moment. No. It wasn’t Dark Link…or Link at all. He had called himself Adelora, and there were at least five other beings inside of him. So, why did they take the form of the Hero of Time?

“This man thought he could command the people of Hyrule from atop his ashen horse, yet before the wind he became nothing.”

Zelda’s skin prickled as Adelora’s voice spoke inside her head, his lips not moving. His voice had become ancient yet ageless, as if it was speaking to her from beyond time and space. Zelda didn’t break her gaze, silently preparing to call out to the goddess Farore, when Adelora once again broke the silence.

“You will go nowhere.”

He flew at her then, his body a blur as he moved. Zelda barely had time to react before he was upon her, their blades clashing in a flurry of sparks. Adelora was relentless, attacking her with a savagery she had never seen before. She gritted her teeth and countered, but she was slowly being driven back.

Adelora’s face was expressionless as he fought, his red eyes cold and dead. There was no emotion, no mercy in his attacks. He was like a machine, a weapon designed for one purpose: to kill.

Zelda stumbled and fell to one knee, Adelora’s blade at her throat. She looked up at him, her eyes hardening. “I call upon the goddess Farore…”

Adelora’s face remained impassive, but his grip on his sword tightened. “She cannot save you.”

He raised his sword, and Zelda closed her eyes just as she vanished from sight. However, when she materialized again, she had only moved a few feet away from where she was standing before.

Adelora appeared in front of her again, his sword raised high above his head as he prepared to strike. Zelda reacted on instinct, bringing up Nayru’s spell. Yet, Adelora slashed through it, shattering it like glass.

“You give authority to men who war over their claim to the Triforce,” He brought his sword down, and Zelda barely had time to react before she was sent flying backward by the impact. “Yet we were its protectors! We were the guardians of the Sacred Realm!”

Zelda was able to recover just as she looked up to see Adelora bearing down on her again. She called out to the goddess Farore and teleported, appearing a short distance away. However, before she could move, Adelora appeared right in front of her, his sword at her throat once more.

“You will not escape me,” He spoke in a cold, emotionless voice. “None of you will escape us. We will pour out onto the land all of our burning hatred, our eternal scorn that burns even now. Hyrule will then be devoured.”

Zelda tried to call upon Farore’s blessing, but nothing happened. She then called out for Nayru, but her shield didn’t materialize. A chill ran down her spine as she sheathed her sword. She only had one other option, closing her eyes as she called out to Din.

Yet, when she reached her hand out, the torches flickered and went out before coming to life again. She collapsed to her knees, realizing she had no way to escape. Adelora raised his sword, and Zelda closed her eyes, preparing for the end. However, the blow never came.

She opened her eyes just as Adelora was flung backward, a metallic sound ringing throughout the hall as another blade met the Sheikari’s. A man crouched in front of Zelda, his back to her as he slowly rose to his full height.

He wore extravagant golden armor adorned with intricate red patterns, nearly resembling tribal markings at first glance. In his right hand was a round, golden shield with the same red markings, while he gripped a longsword in his left hand that was softly glowing in the torchlight. On his head was a helmet with three claw-like appendages that formed a cross motif. He removed it as he turned to face her, his blonde hair and blue eyes piercing through the darkness with the ferocity of a wolf.

Adelora stood up, a mocking laugh escaping his lips. “Ah yes. The true horseman.”

Zelda gasped as she looked upon the man’s face. “It can’t be!”

The man nodded, his smile slight and sad, as if he’d fought thousands of battles and gone on countless journeys. His expression wasn’t just tired, but one of someone who had given up on finding peace long ago. Yet, standing before him, Zelda felt renewed hope.

Because, at last, the Hero of Time had returned.

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