Sin of Sheikari: Chapter 27

Bearers of the Triforce

Zelda could see it clearly now.

The Sheikari swarmed the Sacred Realm, shifting through the air like ghouls, as they frantically searched for the Triforce. Wherever their hands touched, the land became tainted and corrupted, and soon the only stronghold left was the Temple of Light, the ancient structure refusing to give in to the chaotic forces that approached it.

She watched as their shadows slithered through its doors, igniting the temple in a fearsome pillar of light as a dazzling, golden object slowly rose from the depths of the cathedral, settling at the light’s peak and spinning in place. The Triforce! The Sheikari floated up to the divine triangle, circling it like vultures as they wailed and screamed. She could see Adelora, as Dark Link, reach up to touch the sacred relic, a triumphant look in his eye.

But it was not to be. The Triforce let out a blinding light before breaking into three smaller triangles. One triangle remained behind, hovering in the air, while the other two flew off in opposite directions before vanishing from the realm completely.

And the Sheikari grew enraged.

They descended upon the temple like a horde of locusts, tearing it apart with their bare hands. The ancient structure that had stood for countless millennia was quickly reduced to rubble, leaving little evidence of its once great purpose. Satisfied with their destruction, the Sheikari departed the Sacred Realm, determined to find the two pieces of the Triforce that had eluded them.

Yet, Zelda knew this was how it was all meant to be. Only one whose heart was in balance could claim the Triforce’s true power. The triangle left behind contained the essence of Power, while the other two were Courage and Wisdom respectively. Zelda concentrated harder. Who had the other triangles chosen to hide within?

The scene shifted back to the battle on Hyrule Field. Darunia slung his hammer over his shoulder, his body aching from the effort of fighting. He looked around wearily, taking in the sight of the carnage that had been wrought. The Gorons had fought bravely, but the Stalfos’ numbers had been too great. They would soon have to retreat, leaving behind many of their fallen brethren.

As he prepared to sound off the retreat, Darunia’s eyes were drawn to his massive fist, which now glowed with a golden light. The Triforce of Courage’s symbol was now etched into the back of his rocky hand.

Darunia could feel the power coursing through him, invigorating his tired body. He roared with laughter as he leaped back into the fray, his hammer swinging with renewed vigor. The Gorons fought harder than ever before, inspired by their leader’s sudden display of power, and soon the tide began to turn. Hyrule Field was reclaimed as the Stalfos were driven back, their forces utterly decimated.

But their victory would only last mere seconds.

The Sheikari descended from the sky like harpies, their eyes locked on the Gorons. Darunia braced himself for battle, but Zelda could see it in his face. He knew he was outmatched, his only hope being that the Triforce of Courage would give him the strength he needed to protect his people. Adelora swooped down upon him, and the Goron Elder prepared to swing his hammer.

Yet, Darunia never had the chance to shift his weight.

The golden triangle on his palm faded away, and with it, his strength. His lifeless body collapsed to the ground as Adelora flew overhead, and soon the battlefield became a chorus of screams as the Sheikari stormed through the princess’ forces, slaughtering them all.

The scene changed once again, this time to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Zelda watched as Saria sat on the stump that rested in front of the Forest Temple, smiling to herself as her ocarina’s beautiful notes filled the air. Then, her eyes grew wide as a golden light appeared on the back of her hand. The Triforce of Wisdom.

Just as with Darunia, it had chosen Saria. She gazed at the marking, her expression one of both wonder and terror. She didn’t see the shadows materialize behind her, their forms tempering as they settled in front of the Forest Temple’s broken steps. She was too focused on the Triforce and didn’t hear their approach until it was too late.

Finally, it all shifted back to the now desolate Sacred Realm, where the Sheikari circled the completed Triforce. Adelora reached up and touched the relic once again, whispering something Zelda couldn’t hear. Yet she already knew what they wanted: Hyrule’s complete destruction. The Triforce resonated one final time before vanishing, the scene shifting back to Hyrule Field.

Ruto and the Zora looked up as Ganondorf’s black tower exploded, the shockwave throwing them all to the ground. As they struggled to stand, Ruto shrieked as a great wall of fire engulfed them all, reducing them to ash instantly.

The Gerudo and Gorons followed, and Impa was soon the only one left. She stared at the approaching wall of flames before dropping her sword onto the blood-stained earth. She then sat cross-legged, closing her eyes and placing her palms on the ground. Zelda wanted to reach out but knew she couldn’t. Still, she tried to reason with Impa.

“Run!” Zelda mouthed, knowing no sound could escape her lips at that moment. Yet, she swore she saw Impa’s ears perk up. The Sheikah turned her head, the wall of flames nearly upon her.

“We could never truly run. Not for long.”

She did not move or scream as the flames consumed her, and soon Hyrule was reduced to a shattered wasteland. The Sheikari had won, fulfilling their promise to destroy not only Hyrule but the Sacred Realm itself. Their vengeance was now complete.

But there was still a chance. There had to be.

Zelda’s body jerked as if the steed she’d been riding had spooked and come to an abrupt halt. She was once again in Ganondrof’s throne room, the torches blazing menacingly in the otherwise dark chamber. The wizard had fallen to one knee, allowing the princess to strike him down once and for all. Yet, she knew this wasn’t how it would play out. So, instead, she waited.

Again, the shadow appeared behind him, impaling its sword through Ganondorf’s back. The sorcerer roared in pain as he did before and collapsed onto the ground, his sword clattering beside him. His body dissolved into a pool of black liquid and once more evaporated into the air.

“And I saw the Sacred Realm open before me.”

Adelora appeared once more from the shadows, the same mocking tone in his distorted voice. Zelda locked eyes with him again, but she stood firm. She would not run this time.

“Six wise beings sat in peace, faith, and temperance,” Adelora continued, his hollow voice echoing through every corner of Zelda’s mind. “And yet the goddesses allowed them to be struck down, chastened, erased…”

Zelda held up her palm, fully intending to interrupt his sermon. “And so they were, by six of our wisest.”

Adelora paused, and for a moment, Zelda thought she saw something resembling surprise in his expression. “So, then you would accept the responsibility of your father?”

Zelda nodded. “What my father did to your people, what the Sages did to you, it was unforgivable.”

Adelora’s form warped and readjusted itself as if the five other screaming entities inside were struggling to break free and voice their opinions. “And how will you atone for the sins of your ancestors, spawn of Hylia?”

Zelda closed her eyes, reaching out to the Sacred Realm, into the ancient structure of the Temple of Light, and she pulled with all her might. The throne room resonated with divine luminescence as the Ancient Sages materialized in the throne room, each wearing a look of surprise and confusion. Zelda then took out the Ocarina of Time, extending it to Adelora. “I offer you this. It is one of the keys needed to open the Door of Time. Without it, not even the chosen one may open it and claim the Master Sword.”

Adelora’s form continued to swirl and resolve like smoke, but he seemed to be considering her offer. He held out his hand, and the ocarina flew into it. Without another word, he vanished from sight.

And the Sages cried out in despair, certain all was lost forever.