Why You Need Better Friends

We all need friends, but it’s possible you need better friends.

Social status and popularity influence who we choose as our friends. However, if you want to live a long life with lots of happiness and satisfaction, you should make sure your friends are worth your time and effort.

The old saying “you are the company you keep” remains as true now as it was when this proverb came into existence. Your friends will either help or hinder your success. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve yourself, you may need to find better people to associate with.

How Do You Know You Need Better Friends?

Toxic relationships come in as many forms as there are people. Generally, a toxic friendship is one where the other person puts you down or makes your life more difficult. If you feel someone regularly criticizes, judges, shames, and/or blames the decisions you make, then they are toxic to your well-being.

In addition to being hurtful emotionally, these kinds of friendships can often lead to you making poor decisions and even doing things that will harm your health. If a person is constantly causing drama, this can be just as bad for someone’s mental well-being and cause unnecessary drama.

How Do I End a Toxic Friendship?

It can be difficult to end a friendship with someone who has been in your life for a long time. Remind yourself that friends should make each other better people and help them achieve their dreams, not prevent those from happening!

Before ending the relationship, talk about what is going on between you two and why they are causing you so much stress. If they are willing to change their ways, it could be an indication that the friendship can be saved. There might be hope for a better future together.

If your friend is not open to changing or has already made up their mind about how things will play out between the two of you, then you may need to sever ties. It’s never easy to end a friendship, but it can be done if you remember to consider your goals and dreams. A toxic person’s behavior won’t help them come true anytime soon!

How Can I Make Better Friends?

If you’re looking for better friends as an adult or adolescent, consider the different things you can do to help you achieve your goal. First, be a better person and show people that you are worth getting to know by being more social and open with others.

Secondly, research what type of activities the friends you want might enjoy doing together. These might volunteering, going on hikes, or playing sports. Venturing out will help you find common ground where everyone feels comfortable.

Start With Your Sense of Self

Sometimes we think we deserve harmful relationships because that’s what we’re used to. However, just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for you. In my book, Life After Low Self-Esteem, I talk about how a negative low self-image can affect your ability to form healthy relationships.

Even if you’ve got enough self-confidence to spare, check it out and let me know what you think!